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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Four avoid Terrorism Act charges

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News Comment
Four avoid Terrorism Act charges
Police have abandoned possible terrorism charges against four people rounded up in police raids two weeks ago.
The Crown has referred evidence against just 12 people to the solicitor-general's office for possible prosecution under the Terrorism Suppression Act. A proviso has been left open to charge the other four at a later date, but that is now unlikely. Solicitor-General David Collins, QC, is expected to decide within two weeks whether charges against the others will be laid under the Terrorism Suppression Act.
As has been suggested on this site previously, there will be a number of the Urewera 17 who are completely innocent of any charge of Terrorism and the aknoledgment of that last night by abandoning charges against those is a welcome relief for their families and for them. However there is another problem overnight
Guantanamo comparison for NZ prison
A lawyer for one of the terror suspects held in custody has compared our prisons to Guantanamo Bay after his client was assaulted. This is the second assault that has occurred on suspects at Auckland Central Remand Prison and it has led to the man's lawyer demanding answers. "It seems as if we've got our own antipodean version of Guantanamo Bay," says Michael Bott, the terror suspect's lawyer. Bott wants his client bailed, but was told by the Auckland High Court registrar he cannot get a hearing for at least a week because all the judges are at a conference. "Insufficiency of resources is being used as an excuse to trump human rights," says Bott. "My client could quite easily argue that justice delayed is justice denied." Both the Corrections Department and Ministry of Justice have defended themselves, saying the terror suspects' rights are being honoured and the delay in scheduling a hearing is not unusual. But after ONE News started making inquiries there has been developments in the case as the suspect has been given extra security and Bott received a brief phone call from the his client - even though it was just three minutes long. It is unacceptable to every single one of us that prisoners should be beaten inside and it is unacceptable that lawyers can not talk to their clients regardless of what charges they’re clients are facing and bullshit arguments of a lack of resources are no excuse. I find it hard to accept that an investigation that has cost $8million would suddenly lose priority status the second it touches corrections and the judiciary. Seeing as the credibility of the Police are on the line, one would like to think this type of nonsense will be eliminated by smarter minds, one lives in hope. Funny how quick they jump the second the Media make calls.


At 31/10/07 10:31 am, Anonymous Chris replies said...

University rules are clear for anyone obliged to follow them.No staff member shall prevent any student from studying on the city campus facility.That is under the Discipline Statute.That includes sitting an exam or handing in coursework.So the university has broken the rules if not the law having me arrested 4 or 5 times for breach of their unfair and illegal trespass notices; (4 in total, 2 years each for a total of 8 years altogether, half from AUSA the other half from UNI)!

At 31/10/07 12:30 pm, Blogger Mana said...

Good on Michael Bott for voicing his opinion, good lawyers are hard to find, nice to see them actually working for their client. 4 down 13 to go huh... be interesting


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