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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Sunday Newspaper Brunch Club

On the Sunday Newspaper Brunch Club today at 11am, Sky Digital 65, Ben Thomas from the NBR

News that caught my eye –
1: National’s Weekess Horriblus - Sale of State Owned Assets, hiding the removal of Dr fee limits in their Health Policy and Bills kid doesn’t seem to like queer folk – is there only so much John Keys smile can cover up? And then on Saturday, in the Herald - Dramatic clawback has Govt breathing down Nats' neck - Labour has fought back to within 5.2 points of National in the latest Herald-DigiPoll opinion survey. The Greens are the only other party to pass the crucial 5 per cent threshold, rising 1.2 points to 7.2 per cent.
2: Story in the Dominion Post yesterday regarding Louise Nicholas’s new Book, and her allegations around the first Police Officer she says raped her when she was 13. This cop was granted permenant name suppression after 3 trials found him innocent, only because the cop in charge of the prosecution, John Dewar threw the case because Louise’s accusation included his mates Shipton, Schollum and Ricards. But the cop she alleges raped her first was then caught out on line when he posted comments about hooking women up with dates for Shipton and Schollum in prison and another Trade Me user who claims she was raped by this name protected cop, at around the same time Louise claims she was first raped by him called him out on line by identifying him. But because he was found not guilty (even though the prosecuting cop threw the case) he can’t be trialed again for Louise’s claim of rape.
3: Ahmedinejad Visiting America – land of free speech?
4: Spanish eyes are shining – released transcript from the 2003 meeting of the then Spanish Prime Minister Aznar and Bush where it’s discussed that Saddam had offered to step down for $1Billion, but Bush thought they could just assassinate him instead. Hasn’t the war cost – according to former world bank chief economist and nobel prize winner - Joseph Stiglitz – well over a Trillion now? A Billion would’ve been a steal.

STORY 1 – 'Don't name shooter cop' - sst
The Police Association has appealed for the media not to name the officer who fatally shot a man in Christchurch, after details were revealed about his history in the force. Newspapers said yesterday the officer who shot Stephen Bellingham had previously shot and injured another person and has also successfully defended charges of assaulting prisoners. He has served on the frontline for more than 30 years. Should this case be the real push to gain an independent police complaints authority?

STORY 2 - Sacked lecturer asks for dole - HOS
Sacked Auckland University lecturer Paul Buchanan says he has been forced to seek help from Winz after being unemployed for two months. The high-profile academic and intelligence expert says he has lost his income and has filed an appeal against his dismissal. Buchanan said some of his speaking engagements had been cancelled as a result of the row with the university, which sacked him in July after he sent a blunt email to a student, refusing an assignment extension. Was the University right to sack Paul for an ill tempered a-mail to a student criticiisng her ability to pass the class, does the University enroll ill-prepared students just for the money and what about the young Muslim student in all of this?

STORY 3 - Police to get power to test drug drivers - HOS
The government is to introduce new laws within a fortnight that will give police new powers to administer a blood test on drivers thought to be driving under the influence of drugs. Police already have the power to charge those considered to be incapable of driving through suspected drug use, but it is legally difficult to prove, and rarely used.
The Land Transport Amendment Bill would lower the legal threshold of being impaired by illegal drugs and give police the power to do roadside co-ordination tests if a driver seemed impaired but passed a breath test. Is it really that good an idea to give the Police such unclear and ill defined powers over the entire driving public that are open to the discretion of the cop on the street?

STORY 4 – UN envoy flies into Myanmar maelstrom - HOS
YANGON - A UN envoy has flown to Myanmar to persuade its ruling generals to use talks instead of guns to end mass protests, but the US expressed concern that Ibrahim Gambari had been moved away from troubled Yangon. What pressure is possible on someone so out of line as the regime in Burma? What is China, it's largest trading partner doing?

Final Word
US carries out successful missile defence test
A US interceptor missile has shot down a dummy warhead replicating an incoming North Korean missile in the seventh successful test of Boeing's long-range missile shield, the Pentagon said. The Missile Defence Agency said in a statement it completed a test "involving a successful intercept by a ground-based interceptor missile designed to protect the United States against a limited long-range ballistic missile attack". BUT North Korea and Iran have nothing that would come close to being able to hit the American Homeland, this entire multi-multi billion dollar military industrial complex corporate welfare is driven by non public tendered contracts feed by paid every month tax payer funds. It has little to do with 'National Defense' and everything to do with fat cats lining their already well carpeted worlds.


At 30/9/07 10:37 am, Anonymous brewerstroupe said...

My opinion of Paul Buchanan is not improved by his whimpering stance in this mornings Herald.
One has to see the irony of his statement:
"the people who hate me are from the Left".
Isn't this the guy who boasts of his exploits with the CIA in South America where they were intent on killing leftists?
He says he finds the WINZ process “intrusive”. Surely not more intrusive than the Israeli stratagem of targeted assassinations and the suspension of civil liberties that he recommended in his paper “Barbarism in the shadows: the forced embrace of unconventional warfare by the US”. (

How is it that he calls himself a "Security Expert" and has enjoyed a high salary for decades yet lacks the reserves to survive a two month layoff?

Sorry Bomber, I still can't see any merit in this guy.

At 30/9/07 12:19 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 30/9/07 12:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I say this reluctantly but not so subtly: you are not suitable for a WINZ handout. It does not matter if you are broke or if you have a huge mortgage. You are close to fascist in outlook, so these sort of pleas - publicity driven and preying on some sort of Kiwi guilt - are simply lame."

At 30/9/07 12:25 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

Isn't Paul Buchanan ex-CIA?

On Labour and National it's about bloody time people realized this is just classical National who will never change in their stance towards privatization. Now they are realizing it and are beginning to leave the party again. But Bomber I really am surprised you saw something in John Key, you are a intelligent guy, you should have seen that this guy is just a wolf in sheeps clothing! If you want to see private hospitals, private school and private jails then vote for National. But before you do go and watch Sicko and then try to mount an argument that its still a good thing. There is actually a scene in there where someone ends up knocking on deaths door, barely able to stand, at a private hospital seeking treatment. He has no health insurance so they bundle him into a cab and drop him at the nearest homeless shelter. I look at this and it sends shivers down my back: This is exactly where New Zealand could be heading if John Key becomes Prime Minister.

At 30/9/07 12:48 pm, Anonymous Grad said...


Maybe WINZ intruded by asking whether he had sold his Florida house.

This is just Buchanan trying to get his name in the papers again. Even Scoop seem to have dropped him.

At 30/9/07 4:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buchanan was an analyst which means that he was sitting in an office somewhere writing reports.
You should stop building this shit up into something more than is really was.

What he claims he did in South America was to become part of some left wing student group opposed to the junta in his youth. I don't know how true this is but I don't think he was working as some sort of CIA hitman down there.

At 30/9/07 5:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"His tales of fighting for, and against, guerrillas in the South American jungle were intoxicating," said journalist Peter Malcouronne, a masters student in 1998.

NZ Herald Saturday August 11, 2007

At 1/10/07 12:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was in his class in 2003 he said had joined a left wing student group that participated in bombings and shit.As I recall they were not exactly 'intoxicating' and I just thought he was a bit of a blow hard.
He tends to have a cult following of mostly male polisci students who seem to be impressed with that kinda stuff.

Does anyone know the real deal here?


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