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Monday, September 24, 2007

One for our Global Warming denying mates

Ice withdrawal 'shatters record'
Arctic sea ice shrank to the smallest area on record this year, US scientists have confirmed.
The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) said the minimum extent of 4.13 million sq km (1.59 million sq miles) was reached on 16 September. The figure shatters all previous satellite surveys, including the previous record low of 5.32 million sq km measured in 2005. Earlier this month, it was reported that the Northwest Passage was open. The fabled Arctic shipping route from the Atlantic to the Pacific is normally ice-bound at some location throughout the year; but this year, ships have been able to complete an unimpeded navigation. Arctic sea ice loses area in summer months and regrows in the winter cold. The researchers at NSIDC judge the ice extent on a five-day mean. The minimum for 2007 falls below the minimum set on 20-21 September 2005 by an area roughly the size of Texas and California combined, or nearly five UKs. Speaking to BBC News on Monday this week, Mark Serreze, a senior research scientist at the NSIDC, said: "2005 was the previous record and what happened then had really astounded us; we had never seen anything like that, having so little sea ice at the end of summer. Then along comes 2007 and it has completely shattered that old record." He added: "We're on a strong spiral of decline; some would say a death spiral. I wouldn't go that far but we're certainly on a fast track. We know there is natural variability but the magnitude of change is too great to be caused by natural variability alone." The team will now follow the progress of recovery over the winter months. In December 2006, a study by US researchers forecast that the Arctic could be ice-free in summers by 2040. A team of scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), the University of Washington, and McGill University, found that "positive feedbacks" were likely to accelerate the decline of the region's ice system. Sea ice has a bright surface which reflects 80% of the sunlight that strikes it back into space. However, as the ice melts during the summer, more of the dark ocean surface becomes exposed. Rather than reflecting sunlight, the ocean absorbs 90% of it, causing the waters to warm and increase the rate of melting. Scientists fear that this feedback mechanism will have major consequences for wildlife in the region, not least polar bears, which traverse ice floes in search of food. On a global scale, the Earth would lose a major reflective surface and so absorb more solar energy, potentially accelerating climatic change across the world.

The catastrophic climate event I've been banging on for years will occur through one of these positive feedbacks, what we don't seem to understand yet is that these climate events can be sudden and dramatic, the bullshit greenwash policy the Government announced last week goes no where towards addressing that.


At 24/9/07 1:55 pm, Blogger Jeff said...

And then you get gems like this


Our kids are going to be pissed.

At 24/9/07 1:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Global warming is an unproven science started by rumour mungering, money grabbing politicians and greenie wankers.
Quote from the Chairman or policy Panel on Climate Science Coalitian. " The evidence that the science is not settled and it is wrong to embark on such costly stratagies." The world has not warmed since 1998, it is not carbon dioxide that controls our climate moreover it is the sun and cosmic rays. The sea level rise is small and is not increasing and the hottest year in the states on record was 1934. Also for dumb arses the world was a lot warmer during the Medieval Warm Period than it is now. The first priority is to study the evidence not simply believe what has been rumoured by scaremonger tactics produced by people including the Greens and Comrade Helen, Labor and the rest that have hidden agendas on vote catching, trade protection and money that can be made through all of this Bullshit to do with global warming carbon trading etc.
Proven point so stop ya bullshit unless ya know what you are talking about Bomber stick to what you do best. Nothing

At 24/9/07 4:37 pm, Anonymous Legio x said...

Hmmm .....got another fan Bo ber?

Operative words in the above article are "on record".

Weather records have been kept in most countries for only the last 100 years. Real satellite weather keeping only for the last 30, so a little hard to extrapolate that out to being proof of world disaster.

So 2007 was smaller than 2005.

What happened in 2006?

At 24/9/07 4:44 pm, Blogger bomber said...

Hmm - seeing as you lego and the anonymous flat earth raver above you are the only ones denying that global warming is happening, I'd say you are in the minority, just like sea ice, you both will slowly melt away. I'm sure both of you advocated the Iraq war as well, but just get quieter and quieter on that issue as well.

At 24/9/07 7:45 pm, Anonymous Fey Hag said...

Either way the only way anything done in NZ will effect the rest of the world is if Taupo erupts again with the same force as history seems to imply.
We will be hung out to dry by the politicians of every shade---the world will gain nothing.
The opportunists will fleece us all.
Meanwhile the usual is happening;
trees are being bulldozed & set alight to avoid carbon tax & more cows will dung in their place.
We will once again strip the poor to clothe the rich.
What will change---apart from the water level?

At 25/9/07 1:47 am, Anonymous Legio X said...

Yes Bo ber - myself and Anon 1.56 are the only ones in the entire world questioning your shonky claims, which are based not on consensus science, but on your own half baked theories and a few articles that you can troll from the world press. In the real world no one, least of all real scientists, are ready to claim anything of the kind.

Then you decide I must be into the Iraq war. Why? What has that got to do with this post? Anything? no didn't think so. Says more about you than anything Bo ber.

Oh and what did happen in 2006 Bo ber? (I know, I just want to see if you can say it)

And finally, bout time for the next backdown article on the EFB isn't it?


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