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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Crackdown begins

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News Comment
The Crackdown begins
Up to 10,000 Burmese Buddhist monks and civilians have defied police tear gas and live bullets on the ninth day of protests against the military rulers. At least one monk was killed, hospital sources in the main city of Rangoon said. The government has confirmed one death, without giving details. Witnesses described monks with blood on their shaved heads as police charged at the Shwedagon pagoda in Rangoon. Seeing as the planet has pretty much stood by quietly for the last decade doing very little to support the people of Burma, it would be a wee bit unkind of us to not actually get off our arses and start putting pressure on the largest backer of Burma – being China – and start demanding some changes or else – the or else? Boycott the Beijing Olympics (notice how China seems to be supporting all these repugnant regimes – is China the new America, is America the old Russia, is the new Russia the old China? I can’t keep up with the different masks of the oligarchy).


At 27/9/07 9:08 am, Blogger Jeff said...

China has very limited ties to Burma, its not so much friendly just the only one who even talks.

Would this situation meet your grounds for military intervention?

At 27/9/07 7:39 pm, Blogger lil trev said...

Hey Bomber - just wanted you to know about www.Tumekewatchwatch.blogspot.com - thought I'd give Big Trev some of his own medicine!

Kia kaha bro!

At 28/9/07 5:14 pm, Anonymous Legio X said...

Poor lil Trev has her moderation switched on. Wonder why?

At 28/9/07 6:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

doesn't your girlfriend big trev have moderation switched on leggy?

At 28/9/07 6:59 pm, Anonymous Legio X said...

Girlfriend?......Ohhhhh that got in.

Maybe so but Big Trev hasn't mouthed off about how much of a coward lil trev is for having moderation switched on then done it himself.

Can you see the difference moron?


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