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Friday, September 21, 2007

Climate Bill Greenwash

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News Comment
Climate Bill Greenwash
Households will pay up to 10 per cent more for electricity and 6c a litre more for petrol to reduce New Zealand's contribution to global warming. The Government's carbon emissions trading scheme revealed yesterday makes businesses pay for the amount of carbon they put into the atmosphere - costs that will generally be passed on to the consumer. After 5 years this is the best Labour can produce? A couple of piss poor attempts to make power more expensive, a lifting of their dumb claim to take pre-Koyoto Protocol Forestry Credits which has inadverdantly boosted deforestation to dairy farms and the Agriculture sector, responsible for nearly half our greenhouse gas emissions is exempt for 6 years. How the hell can we ask other countries to make real sacrifice in cutting back when we are only barely making an effort ourselves? Where is the increased research to help the Agriculture sector deal with methane from their animals, where is the solar power, the wind power, research for tide generators? This Climate Bill is 5 years too late and 6 years too slow. The reality is that the Political will to make these things happen simply isn’t there and it won’t be there until a clear environmental collapse that is connected to global warming occurs. Of course by then it may well be too late, but let’s not ruin all the politicians patting eachother on the back with their pitiful attempt.


At 21/9/07 11:10 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite happy to make farmers pay aye bomber but the moment you may have to stop driving to your little coffee shop and the moment it affects you, you kick up a fuss.

You say we need to take global warming serious. Well Bomber i'm sure people would take it serious but when people (like you) put foward comments such as

It’s time to get bloody hard on the farmers, and make them pay the full cost of their farting belching cattle,

It looks stupid. Lets face it the major problem is in the large centers where large groups of people gather.

If you really gave a shit you would stop driving your car, turn off your tellie and look at alternative power solutions, not try and point your finger at the Farmers.


At 21/9/07 1:26 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

Agriculture and farming are the main producers of greenhouse gases in this country.

Power prices have already galloped ahead of inflation for years now ( since deregulation ) but the motive has been greed and money.

..... now they say they are going to put more increases on the increases we have had and this time the motive is saving the plant.

I can see more house hold turning to woodburners and fireplaces which I suspect will be a whole lot dirtier than electricity.

As for the farmers .............. they've always been freeloaders and bludgers.

They love their subsidies

At 22/9/07 11:21 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So dairy farmers can put up the cost of milk and dairy products and still most think that they shouldn't pay the same as everyone else in NZ..

Oh come on, So we should just cover them and continue to pay out, while they freeload, sound like a form of benefit, fuck them they should pay just like everyone else, ministers should pay double, if anyone should be considered for deduction it should be people on benefits, there will be no raise for them, so with higher bills to pay (power) costs for petrol, expect crime rate to increase, because they will look for these else where..

but that how the system is designed. Farmers can freeload and for most thats cool, yet beneficiaries cant cause there scum, low life's ... how typical

Hated By Most

At 23/9/07 1:13 am, Anonymous bomberblowsgoats said...

Increase the price of power? When we only have one coal fired power station? Makes a lot of sense... wood and coal fires in peoples homes will be the way to go now...

At 26/9/07 9:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What subsidies would that be nznative? How are we farmers freeloaders? Did you know the average debt level of a south island dairy farmer is about 4 million? That would be an interest bill of $360-$400000/year. We also pay for electricity to run irrigators etc (the farm I work on the monthly power bill in the middle of summer can be up to $7000) We also pay fuel/road tax on our fuel for our tractors which ironically we dont use on the road & even if we didnt it wouldnt matter as the road tax we pay gets used up to buid more roads (or traffic jams) in Auckland. It would also be interesting to find out what Aucklands carbon footprint is! I bet your typical jaffa would scream blue murder if they were going to be taxed for their own burp, farts or emmisions from their coffees!


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