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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Moore cops backlash for outburst

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News Comment
Moore cops backlash for outburst
Former Labour Party leader Mike Moore claims to be surprised by the strong reaction that his searing criticism of Prime Minister Helen Clark has drawn. Mr Moore compared Helen Clark to former Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon in yesterday's Herald, highlighting the "politics of personal destruction" that he said were in use. Progressive Party leader Jim Anderton leaped to her defence - labelling Mr Moore as hypocritical, a bitter failure, and a seeker of the limelight. "I was in the Labour caucus when he was part of a vicious personal smear campaign against then Opposition leader Jim McLay - so his injured tone about John Key facing some scrutiny is a bit rich," Mr Anderton said. "He [Moore] was prime minister for six weeks, so now he is bitter at the success of someone who has been in the job for eight, going on nine, years." Hmmm, we of course forget about the knee capping of National Party leader Jim McLay, so for Mike to be attempting a transformation into Dr Phil is a little rich. At least all the bitching is making for some great one liners, in response to Anderton, Mike Moore replied, “"when was the last time Jim Anderton had an idea that wasn't forgotten in 1950? ... there is one thing I do envy him and that's his hair." Those aside for Mike to try and claim he is a staunch Labour Party supporter while pissing all over the Woman who stole his throne is about as believable as anything that comes out of the WTO (White Totalitarian Oppression)


At 30/8/07 8:03 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jolly Jim to the rescue, the filthy rich socialist defends highly paid dear leader while the workers loose their jobs as business goes off shore at the same time as mortgage rates rise.. Good one Jim, got ya priorities right as usual….

At 30/8/07 8:40 am, Blogger bomber said...

Well it's either brawling with another yesterday man or banning party pills - what does Jim actually do?

At 30/8/07 2:05 pm, Anonymous Jeff said...

Well it's either brawling with another yesterday man or banning party pills - what does Jim actually do?

Representing the views of his constituents; fancy that doing what politicians are meant to.

I like democracy but only when people agree with me.

At 30/8/07 2:14 pm, Anonymous Jeff said...

As a side note Jim doesn't that much of the vote so maybe its a good sign that NZ is past looking always to the past, maybe I am being overly hopeful

As to party pills, I blame National, labour has fallen over cause they see they aint going to win any votes only lose but isn't National meant to be the party of "personal responsibility"

What a fucking joke Nationals deffinition of personal responsibility is longer jail time, fucking odd.

As to what Jim does Bomber I have no clue, but I would hazard a guess even if misguided he is one of the more harder working MP's he does actually care about our country and I respect him for that


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