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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lawyers – the lowest of Gods creatures

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News Comment
Lawyers snub abuse victims over low aid fees
The Family Court's top judge says some battered women are missing out on court orders to protect them from their partners because they can't find a lawyer willing to represent them on the current legal aid fees. Chief Judge Peter Boshier said the number of women applying for protection orders without a lawyer had increased in recent years to about 30 per cent. He believed this was a major reason why the proportion of applications for protection orders that were being placed "on notice" have risen since the late 1990s. “Sorry babe, I’d love to help you with the bit of biffo your husband has given you cause the dinner was cold, but I’ve got to pay the Golf fees this month and that car doesn’t come cheap, look how about buying a microwave, he won’t beat you as much if you just throw the dinner in there on high for a minute, sure I ‘feel’ for you, but ‘feelings’ don’t pay off the Gold Card now do they? Gotta cruise babe, I’m buying some art”.

I love Lawyers.


At 29/8/07 12:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I see its the fault of lawyers not of a Labour government running a seven billion dollar surplus which has consistently underfunded the sharp end of the civil service which actually helps people but instead churns out more policy analysts in wellington. Pity you don't put the blame where it really lies.


At 29/8/07 5:10 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

Like the natianals are going to increase legal aid money to a demographic which does not vote for them ( people who need legal aid).

And isn't it amazing how the nats are going to do all these tax cuts yet spend more.

Could it be they'll have spare cash for a year or two from selling more state assets to their rich white backers

you can almost bet your j on it

At 29/8/07 9:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is virtually no legal aid (or any other support for that matter) avalable in NZ to the decent and innocent.

Guilty killers (and all other evil criminals) on the other hand have access to an open tax payers cheque book.

At 29/8/07 10:37 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

What a strange post anonymous.

The decent and innocent get no legal aid yet the guilty and criminals get an open cheque book?.

Do you know how legal aid works?.

Because your not barred from it on the basis that your decent or good.

And its after the trial that someone is found guilty or not.

I will admit the court system does favor the rich.

Like david richwhite buying his way out of a criminal charge with a $20 million dollar payment.

It sounds a lot but when he pocketed 90 odd million for screwing NZers and our railways it was a very good deal for him.

The courts and laws are set up to favor the rich.

Not women or your average new zealander.

At 4/9/07 10:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the Just Shit system is what it is, we like to say our system is the pinnacle of Justice, I am sure the compare me pricks will come out an add their Yes but compared to the states shit we are so much better you need money to win that war. it is never about justice; it is about what you can prove.

legal aid is a joke, public defenders are jokes... they don't give a fuck, they get paid by how many they do.. If the legal aid bill is 200 per client and a public defender sees 20 souls in one week that 2000 grand a week, most public defenders are fresh out of lawyer or some worn out old hag that couldn't make partner or couldn't even get into a lawyer firm, qualification to low/ lack of experience.

you need a good lawyer and they don't come cheap. but when they do their job well it worth every penny

Hated By Most


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