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Friday, August 24, 2007

Key speaks out in bid to defuse Labour 'bomb'

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News Comment
Key speaks out in bid to defuse Labour 'bomb'
National leader John Key yesterday revealed that he was interviewed by the Serious Fraud Office over the multimillion-dollar Equiticorp scandal - but felt his evidence would have helped to convict those involved. In a bid to blunt Labour attacks on his credibility, Mr Key said he suspected his opponents would use either his role at Elders Merchant Finance or the fraud office interview in an attempt to slur his character. Senior Labour ministers have recently referred to the "H-Fee" in Parliament, and there are reports that Labour has been boasting of having a "neutron bomb" against Mr Key. The "H-Fee" term appears to be a reference to sham foreign exchange deals set up by Elders IXL for a A$66.5 million payment to Equiticorp boss Allan Hawkins in 1987. Mr Key says he had left three months before the deal had been cut so there can be no connection between him and the scam. If this is all true, then John Key should be voted a saint amongst men, because nearly everyone who was getting rich quick in 1987 were involved in these types of Gordan Gecko greed is good scams, it wouldn’t be right to leap to any conclusion, but by god John Key better be squeaky clean on this little forgotten piece of dirty white collar laundry.


At 24/8/07 10:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Opp dem Right wingester wont like that bomber... WAIT did you feel that earth shift, 3 paces to the left.. lol

shit they call us crims... how ironic

Hated By Most

At 24/8/07 12:41 pm, Anonymous Legio X said...

You are a crim Hated.

Self confessed.

Storm - Teacup - Bo ber - Hated -


Grasp at any straws you can boys.Labour and their little buddies are out on their arse's. The Greens will be lucky to get to 5%. All the other minor parties - yes all of them ,including the maori party, are repositioning themselves to welcome the new ruling party and you dimwits can't do a thing about it.

At 24/8/07 7:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have come to conclusion legio you dont have a family, hmmm maybe hamsters, that why you dont spend time when them while you on hoilday..

Or do you just blow your wife you everytime you feel the need, to blow off some swiss cheese?

Heres some use toilet paper, wipe your chin their more shit coming from it leggy...

Hated By Most

At 24/8/07 9:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

had to do it again

I have come to conclusion legio you dont have a family, hmmm, maybe hamsters, is that why you dont spend time when them while you're on hoilday..

Or do you just blow your wife up everytime you feel the need, to blow off some swiss cheese?

Heres some used toilet paper, wipe your chin leggy...

Hated By Most

At 25/8/07 12:10 am, Anonymous Legio X said...

Shit Hated, That was almost funny,the double posting that is.

I've come to the conclusion that you don't belong to the HA,unless you're one of their little bum boys. Is that what you are Hated?.Or are you one of those wannabe outlaw types? You know with a 'born to ride' tattoo, a couple of Harley Tshirts and a Honda 125 in the garage. I mean anyone that tells someone to 'go play on the motorway' more than likely rides a Honda 125 right?

And using Bo bers - straight out of the communist handbook - discrediting techniques makes you look like his little bum boy too.

In conclusion you seem a little confused about your big tough outlaw biker role and maybe need to seek some professional help for yourself.

At 25/8/07 2:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

leggy your getting boring now... step it up a bit will you...
Blow your wife up take a ride and then "TRY AGAIN"

These wannabes boy... keep trying leggy...by the way did you find out who you great grand parent are, never now you could a decendant of "Ned Kelly" lol

Hated By Most

At 25/8/07 11:40 am, Anonymous nznative said...

hhhhmmmmmmmmmm I'm sure our sheckle counting multi millionare and natianal party leader will be pretty clean ................... greedy as hell, yes, but probably clean.

I'm sure he got all his millions by hard work ..............

At 25/8/07 12:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"'m sure he got all his millions by hard work .............."

No you cretin he got it by using his intelligence. Which is why you are probably still poor.

At 25/8/07 3:39 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

I thought he got rich by being a switched on greedy jewish money speculator.

...... you know those nice chaps who take punts on a countrys exchange rate.

As far as I know they produce nothing and are more likely to harm a countrys interests and damage its manufactoring and exporting.

Is the country ready for a jewish money trader prime minister who has never had new zealands best interests at hart before ???????? .

As for my own wealth .... whats it to you, you natianal twat ?

At 25/8/07 4:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your lack of wealth doesn't concern me at all but it seems that your envy is a function of it which is why you are very resentful of anyone who has ever achieved anything a modicum of sucess in their lives. This patholgical hatred of achievement appears to have manifested itself in a hatred of Jews and an inability to spell properly.
And just how is forex dealing harming the New Zealand's manufacturing sector. Why don't you explain explain to us the in and outs of macroeconomic interest rate differential theory which is the real reason for high exchange rates. You can't because you're a retard who can't even substantiate their own views. Go back to school you dunce.

At 25/8/07 5:16 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

Go back to school and have to listen to some prissy prat like yourself all over again? ................no thanks yawn.

Regrading 'wealth' I'm very comfortable thank you, probably better of than yourself .

But as for Key our jew boy money man, I find it very hard to believe he worked at equitcorp and was not in on some of the scams that Hawkins and the boys felt themselves entitled to.

........ regarding my jew comments about key.

The fact the mans a greedy jew didn't really concern me at all until he decided to use the sterotype smear brush on 'druggies'.

He can call me a druggie and I'll call him a greedy jew.

Its a glass houses and stones thing ..........you silly twat :-)

At 25/8/07 5:47 pm, Anonymous The Judge said...

Nice to see the anti-semite has come out to pay, bit of a shame bomber...

At 25/8/07 6:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well he's right, P-heads like you are an open pimple on the anus of society. The sooner we eliminate drug use and parasites such as yourself then the better this country will be.

I'm still waiting for you elucidation on why the high value of the NZ dollar.

This guy has no idea how retarded be looks.

At 25/8/07 6:41 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

ho hum looks like the natianal twat is coming to a slow simmer ................ or is that simper.

The only thing the natianals will eliminate is fair play and community spirit.

Its not surprising a silly twat like yourself believes that prohibition will actually work .......... dreamer.

Now why dont you tell me what jew boy money traders actually produce ?????????????

I'm waiting twat

p.s your the P iss user

At 25/8/07 7:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It goes like this: the talented and gifted in society, those that produce an above normal economic surplus tend to spend it on goods and services such as dinners at Euro and high end Mercedes cars where people like you will be gainfully employed washing dishes or providing car grooming services and the minimum wage you receive you will go on so spend at you meth/weed dealer, trying to block away the misery of you pointless existance. This is what they call the multiplier effect in economics. They also provide liquidity in the foreign exchange markets but I fear this point may be lost on you.

Care to translate "p.s your the P iss user" is as I'm not up with all this ghetto lingo.

At 25/8/07 7:38 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

strange little story you've written............. I'm sure it does go like that in your red neck natianal world, but not in mine you silly twat :-)

But back to our jew boy money trader Key.

What do those money traders produce for our country again ........ pain and less money for the exporters/producers?.

One thing that is pretty clear about Key is that he's a liar and as grubby as all the other natianals.

He amy not even be a jew .......... apparently he's thinking of becoming a brethren.

Now go have your P iss ......... or are you a bit thick to work that one out

At 25/8/07 7:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, it is not clear that Key is a liar but other things are becoming very very clear.

Hope you have a good Saturday night on the 'community spirit' with all the other homeless imbibing meths.

Well I gotta to run, these law school essays don't write themselves you know.

At 25/8/07 8:14 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

aha a lawyer in training .......... that explains a lot about you .........

If you want to have your children to grow up to be lawyer then they must be concieved via anal sex ........... which it appears you were.

You Must have a lawyers ears and eyes not to have heard key telling his porkies tho .......... but maybe keys memory is like old man brashs .... political alzheimers

I feel contaminated just talking to a piece of slime like yourself.

yuk a dirty parasite lawyer, scum of our country

At 25/8/07 8:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatever P-head

At 25/8/07 8:24 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

Hope your essays better than your works of fiction in this thread...... dreamer.

I dare say you'll make an absolutly shit lawyer.

keep up the poor work

At 25/8/07 9:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to have a rather poor view of lawyers. Undoubtly you have had extensive experience with them. But don't let the fact that the shoddy lawyers you've had dealings with, those who practice in the criminal defence field, prejudice your view of the entire profession. So why are we parasites? I assume that you were eligible for legal aid as is case with most people accused of a criminal offence so it wasn't money coming out of your own pocket was it?
I think that smell of contamination emanating from you usually comes from not washing for days on end as the urge to smoke P overrides all other concern which in this case include personal hygene.

At 25/8/07 10:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bomber, how come you've let this bloke spout off about Jews? Where is your tut-tutting about racism and bogotry? I don't understand why you're so quiet.

At 25/8/07 10:32 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

nice essay wannabe lawyer.

but your essay just shows what a shallow toss pot dreamer you are.

making something up about me and using your fiction to try and prove anything just shows what a useles wanker you truely are.

I'd go see a doctor about the strange fantasy world your little right wing mind comes up with.

maybe you've had to much P iss ???

At 25/8/07 11:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber probably got at life anon unlike us here. Who the hell wants to be moderating this rubbish when you could be getting fully sorted some party chatting up some hottie. I'm pretty sure with his minor celebrity status he could sort something out.

NZN, since I don't know you in real life and I thank god that I never will I am merely extrapolating from you comments aspects of your personality and motivations.
You seem to habour a pathological hatred of Jews but its probably doubtful that you've ever encounter one in your life as they're few and far between in NZ so you've probably gleaned your knowledge from a variety of neo-nazi websites. This paranoia and fantisizing has probably been fueled by some kind of drug use which you openly admit to and on a certain level are ashamed of. As much as I dislike labour in their present form the emphatically don't need people like you as supporters. I don't think they'd touch someone with your blieif with a 10 foot pole.

At 26/8/07 12:12 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

aha look at all the anony mouse defenders of dishonest John.

Its a shame they dont give themselves user names so I know which clown is which, and I bet a few of them are infact one turkey/person.

Shame the idiots cant read and are too simple to understand my Key and Jew remarks are in response to dishonest john using sterotype smears himself ...........

The idiots also seem to think I support Labor ......... as if .

the burning question all the anony mouse posters have created for me .................... is how come no-ones taken any issue with my remarks on lawyers?

I guess everyone concurs that they are in fact parasitical scum on our country who produce nothing.

Having one trying to lecture me on morals is like having a pedophile teaching me about sexuality.......... .

Anyway I may or may not keep calling key a rich greedy jew.

Maybe people would be happier if I just called him
a FOB?.......... friend of brethrens

At 26/8/07 2:24 pm, Blogger bomber said...

GROAN! I've just checked the thread on this site - can't you kids play in the sandpit for a night without fighting?

Hey Bomber, how come you've let this bloke spout off about Jews? Where is your tut-tutting about racism and bogotry? I don't understand why you're so quiet.

DOUBLE GROAN - I switch on comment moderation to stop stuff like that you bleat its censoship, I switch it off and I'm now an anti-semite - great - I didn't remove any of the comments BECAUSE I just moved house and have only checked this now...

Bomber probably got at life anon unlike us here. Who the hell wants to be moderating this rubbish when you could be getting fully sorted some party chatting up some hottie. I'm pretty sure with his minor celebrity status he could sort something out.

...God I wish my life was so interesting. Ok - NZnative, bro I admire your passion, but the Jew stuff is just irrelevant - yes John Key is Jewish, it just doesn't matter - who cares? The issure re Key isn't his ethnicity or culture or race - its to do with what he can or will do for NZ if he gets the chance to lead it - by bringing his heritage into the debate you demean yourself NZnative, and I'm sure that's not what you intend to do. In terms of this Serious Fraud inestigation, it is of relevance - not because John Key is Jewish - but because in the late 1980s the corporate world in NZ was a wild west of Goradn Gecko Greed is Good clones making and breaking deals to maximise lax regulation, those are skeletons in ones closet that deserve full inspection if you wish to be the Prime Minister - that said however, the line that Labour seem to be taking by personalising the attack on Key is just bullshit - the point they need to be ramming home hard is the fact that National HAVE NOT spelled out exactly what their fucking policy is - we seem to be drifting into a state similar to when Labour lost to Bolger, we voted out a Labour Government through dislike rather than vote for what the incoming National party represented - once again we could end up with a party in power who haven't spelled out exactly what they intend to do and when in power can pull a bunch of shit while declaring they have the mandate to do it - this can't be allowed to happen again - so Labour, get off the mud raking (unless you have evidence) and refocus on the fact that National are not spelling out what they want to do - having Key say "We don't want Labour to steal our ideas' is a cop out - force the point and demand National tell NZ what they are actually going to do - in the interests of democracy - let NZers read what they intend to do and let the people decide - if National duck the issue, come out saying its because National only have the failed policies of the past and have nothing new to add. Get back to the issues, less of the mud thanks.

At 26/8/07 6:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok maybe I was wrong about NZN being a labour supporter. Is this to your liking:


"is like having a pedophile teaching me about sexuality...."
More skeleton's in the closet eh?

I guess Key's plan goes along the lines of you can't hit what you cannot see. Smart but I don't know how long he can carry it on. At any rate now that there is no one dominant party in MMP everything is negotiable for the right price and a seat at the table. I hope Helen tightens up her game to make for an entertaining election year and is saving up the good stuff.
Bomber I don't feel particularly indulgent when faced with anti- semitic remarks of this nature which is why Ifelt the need to address them. Its not something to be taken lightly

Using NZN's logic I'll take this opportunity to call him a douchbag and if no one objects then we obviously all concur.
And in future just so you know its me I'll start off by by making reference to your P habit/ anti-semitism/ financial inadequacy /criminal record/hatred of success

At 27/8/07 8:39 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bomber, why don't you put up a little special place for these boys to have their boring, childish slanging matches without everyone else having to read them?


At 27/8/07 9:11 am, Blogger bomber said...

Hey Bomber, why don't you put up a little special place for these boys to have their boring, childish slanging matches without everyone else having to read them?


Grin - there is a place, it's called kiwiblog

At 27/8/07 11:05 am, Anonymous nznative said...

yes my apologies bomber, I couldn't care less whether Keys a jew or member of any other religion .............. as long as they dont let their religion influence their politics ............... and Key like the other Nats only seems influenced by the brethren cult.

No, the thing I dont like about 'Honest John' ( as honest as Don) is that he's reading from the same dirty, divisive sound bite cue cards that old man brash used to whistle up support.

Key plays the natianal game of blaming minoritys for getting special deals and treatment when the truth is its his supper rich backers who get the special treatment and paybacks/kickbacks.

The Natianals are a divide and rule mob who use bullshit sterotypes and fearmongering.

As Key is so quick and happy to use these destructive tactics he seemed to have forgotten that he himself could be held up as an example of a negative sterotype ........ eg greedy jew.

Anyways I'll stick to more relevant Key points about our man honest john in future ............ I may bring up his greed, dishonesty and other negative qualitys he has ......... but thats it.

I wont stoop to his level again

At 27/8/07 3:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that Bomber will be very disappointed if it turns out that there is no dirt to dig on John Key?

At 27/8/07 8:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why do i get the feeling you woulsn't say anything if the dirt did come back on keys...

none of them can be trusted..

At 28/8/07 1:41 am, Anonymous Thomas said...

John Key is a scumbag and is not to be trusted.

At 28/8/07 9:28 am, Blogger SamClemenz said...

All Politician's are scumbags and not to be trusted! That's why we label them Politician's in the first place so we don't lose site of them in a crowd.

Democratic forms of governemnt are supposed to keep them contained in a box working hard and focused on serving the health, education, and welfare needs of the society by fairly distributing national resources and creating laws to support justice and prosperity for all. Using their skills to create a better future, not just their mates and the highest bidders.

The problem started when the lid got left off the box and the speical interest groups hopped in and shagged the lot of em. You have to sort them by spots and stripes now. Too bad - especially for the average Kiwi.

Geez bomber, don't you have a means to automatically re-direct some of these commenters into outer space where they belong?


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