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Friday, August 24, 2007

Anger at Bush's Vietnam claim

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News Comment
Anger at Bush's Vietnam claim
Bush drew parallels between the aftermath of the Vietnam war and the costs of pulling out of Iraq in a speech to thousands of veterans, many of whom served in Asia. Democrat John Kerry called the speech irresponsible and ignorant, and Senate leader Harry Reid dismissed the comparison and said the decision to invade Iraq was "one of the worst blunders in American history". But Bush said it was in the United States' interests to continue to work to stabilise Iraq, and cited modern democracies in Japan and South Korea as models. He also quoted the emergence of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and violence in Vietnam after US troops pulled out to warn of the consequences of leaving Iraq. It is this part of Bush’s history lesson that is the most disturbing, because the Khmere Rouge only came to power after America had secretly bombed the place flat, trying to hit North Vietnamese troops who were crossing the border. The destruction and massive destabilization of Cambodia by America led to the Khmere Rouge talking over, declaring ‘Year Zero’ and then go on a genocidal murder rampage of a million people in the killing fields, how Bush can be so sheltered to not even know his own history helps explain how this moron got America stuck in the exact same place once again. I once was a big conspiracy believer regarding Sept 11th and the Iraq war because every move by this Administration seemed intent to only force aggression, the truth however seems much more frightening, Bush and his clowns are not Machiavellian geniuses, they are just idiots, they have no idea what they are doing and don’t understand the ramifications of their actions, they are Paris Hilton-esk in their basking of the moment minus any historical context – they are uneducated oil thugs used to the crony capitalism that builds their empires high, they are not soldiers who have sacrificed, they aren’t leaders of people, they are misguided crooks who looked for the quick buck at a moment of national emergency and hoped it would all be sorted out in time for the next election. It is the stupidity and the utter needlessness of Iraq that burns, and for Bush to try and defend this nightmare by invoking the ghosts of a million Cambodians who died because of Americas secret and completely illegal bombing campaign that destroyed their country is now at a point where reason now demands this buffoon step down, he’s like Mr Bean on ebola, stupidly contagious.


At 24/8/07 9:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush. Buffoon. Idiot. Clown. President. hahahahaha

At 24/8/07 4:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, I used to listen to Bomber on chanel Z, that was a sad day when they canned that station!Bomber, have you heard about the 9/11 "conspiracy"? In the U.S there are websites, and films about 9/11 that question the events of that day. They have some very valid points; eg the hole in the pentagon was much smaller than a boeing, and there was no plane debris, also with all the survelance cameras around the pentagon, there has never been footage of a plane hitting the building (something hitting it, but no clear sign of a plane). Then there were the other explosions heard and seen in the twin towers after the planes hit; explosions 50 or more floors away from the plane (this was documented on live news footage from that day, but never revisited by any news channels) then there was the something like thousand fold increase on 'put options' on the sharemarket of the airline company involved the day before the crashes. I would like SOMEONE in the nz media to watch the Loosechange911 movie (available online, on their website) and check out some of the other websites investigating 9/11 and talk about it on radio, interview people, put the issue out there.
I was very sceptical about any 'conspiracy' before I watched the movie, but now I can't deny that they have some very valid points!


http://www.globaloutlook.ca/recommended_links.htm >

http://www.thepowerhour.com/911_analysis/pentagon_crash_photo_gallery.htm >

At 25/8/07 10:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was something fishy going on there with the huge increase of those "put options"!


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