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Friday, July 27, 2007

This doesn't look like freedom democracy

I've always found that people who supported the Iraq war usually turn out to be climate deniers, now we don't get much voicing of support for Iraq on this site, but plenty of climate deniers, any chance any of them could trawl through their list of expired justifications for America's pre-emptive doctrine and help me out here, where is that Freedom Democracy you cats promised us?
Crisis warning on Iraq refugees
The scale of the exodus of refugees fleeing violence in Iraq has prompted a "humanitarian crisis", a conference in Jordan has heard. More than two million Iraqis have left their war-ravaged homeland. The UN says about 50,000 more people leave Iraq each month, mostly to Jordan and Syria which want international help to ease the burden on their services. The UN refugee agency says the mass displacement is threatening the region's stability. It says the wave of displacement sparked by the war in Iraq is the biggest in the Middle East since 1948, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled the newly created Israel.

The largest refugee crises since the Palestinians fled Israel - my god, anyone else feel a shiver when you read that? America is fucking up beyong belief - Bush is now actually destabilising the region, not by machiavellian design, but by pure eye watering to witness stupified ignorance all caused and exacurbated by his own hand.


At 27/7/07 9:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled the newly created Israel"

The Palestinians had to leave or else they would be killed by the Jews.

And the "liberal" media has turned a blind eye to the millions of Iraqi refugees.

At 27/7/07 11:18 am, Anonymous T said...

Sure anon...thats why 20% of Israel is still populated by arabs. Go take your anti-semitism somewhere else idiot.

At 27/7/07 12:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It not the Americans fault that the stupid Iraqis don’t understand freedom and democracy.
But Muslims aren’t that smart only Won about 0.15% (1.2Billion Muslims) of Nobel Prizes but the Jews (15 Million Jews) have won about 24% of all Nobel Prize’s.

Advocatus Diaboli

At 27/7/07 11:00 pm, Blogger karlos said...

It will always be a great mystery how a Jewish Zionist like Shimon Peres was nominated for a Nobel Peace prize.


Doesn't say much for the award I reckon.

At 28/7/07 4:32 am, Anonymous Legio X said...

So Bomber - Who's setting off all the Roadside bombs, Car bombs and suicide bombs in Iraq? Remind me again?

I might get to see GWB in the next few months so I'll let him know you're personally not happy with his performance. K?

At 28/7/07 8:48 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who fires the cruise missiles? Who fires napalm at children in Iraq? Who fires the cluster bombs in Iraq?

I'm glad when the americans get blown up by the iraqi freedom fighters.

The USA still refuses to learn the lessons of Vietnam.


At 28/7/07 8:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey leggio, you might be one of the 3 people on this planet who still supports Bush. Hahaha!!!!

At 28/7/07 9:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are the other two? By the way all those car bombs and terrerist acts which occur in Iraq are against other Iraqis they are filled with just as much hate for america as themselves

At 28/7/07 9:45 am, Blogger bomber said...

lego, please could you also mention to George that his tactics in Somalia are making things worse, that his country isn't doing anything nearly enough on AIDS, that his denial over global warming is making things worse and that poverty is increasing in his own country.


At 28/7/07 10:27 am, Anonymous nznative said...

Goodness me seems the racisim about arabs is coming from a few people in this thread.

The actual problem is "conservatives" are actually frigging looneys with no grip on reality or human nature.

Bush and his world shapers are members of the "cult of the bomb", they believed their ever so flash armed forces could "shock and awe" ( arabs ) the middle east into their "conservative" vision.

The white house has debased itself becoming the leaders of a "conservative" lynch mob and they still spin out the shit " if we're not figthting them in Iraq we'll be fighting them in the usa".

"Conservatives" are closer to facists and innocent arab woman and children dieing are just "collateral damage" ........

At 28/7/07 11:31 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karlos, why don’t you mention the other Nobel Prizes all don’t they count?? Muslims would rather spend time blowing themselves up and blaming everyone else for what is happening. Instead of taken responsibility for there own actions.

Jews Won the Nobel Prize
Chemistry 19% 29 prize winners
Economics 39% 22 prize winners
Literature 13% 13 prize winners
Physiology or Medicine 28% 47 prize winners
Physics 26% 53 prize winners

Muslims who have won the Nobel Prize

Chemistry 1 prize winners
Economics 0 prize winners
Literature 1 prize winners
Physiology or Medicine 0 prize winners
Physics 1 prize winners

Advocatus Diaboli

At 28/7/07 1:35 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

what the hell have jews and muslims winning nobels got to do with the bushites and the usa creating (another)war that has already humiliated them and lowered their standing in the world.

diabolus seems so scared of "them muslims" he thinks they are all potential suicide bombers .

Perhaps we should make them all wear yellow stars so we can keep an eye on them better.

If they weren't suicide bombers or up to bad stuff they'd have no reason to object to this .

singing from your song book Advocate Diabollicks ?

At 28/7/07 7:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush's bullshit media would have you fools believe that the majority of attacks are Iraqi vs Iraqi.

Over 80% of attacks are directed at the US invasion forces.

This makes Iraq are more dangerous place than Vietnam.



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