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Monday, July 30, 2007

National scandal – another baby beaten

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News
National scandal – another baby beaten
A second Rotorua child - a 12-week-old baby - is in the Starship with suspicious head injuries. Last week, 3-year-old Nia Glassie was flown to the children's hospital in Auckland with serious head and abdominal injuries, allegedly caused by months of abuse, which included being put in a tumble dryer. We have a deep problem in this violent country with abuse towards children, there is an underclass who have not shared in the middle class consumer dreams of property speculation, plasma TVs and cosmetic surgery, their reality is far removed from the neighbourhoods that media people live in and so are never reflected or examined until a helpless child is killed, and when that happens a dark anger swamps talkback stations with talk of ‘them’ and ‘their problem’ and even in the most tasteless moments a joke between red-necked host and red-necked caller on how Sue Bradfords bill was supposed to ban this (quo giggling from talkback host). The reality is that we don’t want to hear the answers and that we refuse to ask the right questions – we refuse to think of what life must be like in these abandoned and broken neighbourhoods, we write it all off with ‘I’m poor, and I don’t beat my kids (much)’, as if that explains and writes off any serious examination of the environment that is producing this abuse, and to even merely question anything other than ‘they should get the bash in prison’ risks getting you labeled politically correct, and while we squabble babies get beaten because we refuse in our anger to look at the root cause. We are not adult enough in this country to have an adult discussion on this issue.


At 30/7/07 8:29 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what is the answer then, Lets stop all the shit music that talks about bashing, rapeing, drugs and the likes. Lets get out there in our thousands and help these poor down cast downdrodden people. Lets start by prohibitting Talk back, news papers with negative views, televsion channels that tell it like it is and Quasi television & radio channels that promote this sort of bulls hit.
But further more lets stick our heads in the sand and say itdoesnt happen in ur neigbour hood.Lets all blame it on colonisation and the fact that these perpetrators where all deprived from birth.

At 30/7/07 8:49 am, Anonymous JP said...

I don't have a tumble drier. I wouldn't put the kids in it even if I did. And I object to being included in this supposedly "national" scandal.

I'm also waiting on my plasma TV and cosmetic surgery...


At 30/7/07 9:10 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All things aside anon, in relation to the topic, why is it that straight away you rubbish the mere thought of anything bomber may have suggested... is it just, for the sake of disagreeing; with the cry for harder, tougher and long prison sentences. what about when they get out? How much time would you of even given these poor people, Maori or Islanders or anyone else that fall into that category, a moments thought... yet now you have, the ordasity to rubbish someone that tries to shed light down that way. If we used colonisation as a crutch, as it did have some effect on the majority of some Maori, what excuse does Liam's parents have for throwing there ADD or ADHD kid into prison?

I dont see to much excuse for this abuse; neither would like to try and understand what it is that drives someone to hurt a kid/child/baby in this or any fashion, maybe the fact the kid didnt belong to its abusers, played the most sinister part in this ordeal, maybe leaving this baby in the care of idoits; like the 17 yr old boyfriend.

There is nothing in Maori culture or customs the condone this crap in any shape or form, Mike Laws is just a ignorant spoon to consider otherwise, which only goes to show that some pakeha know fuck all about our culture to consider that is does and that we hide behind it.

I know that if they are guilty and convicted of this crime; life for them is going to be very dangerous in there new whare.

Hated by Most

At 30/7/07 2:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our culture??? what culture is that, Kid bashing P smoking dope pedling, is that a culture.
Some Maori, believe that, that is what they want as a culture. Hated says if they go to the big Whare at pari they will get the treatment, but is that not where it all starts. Maybe we should take these people out of society and show them exactly what they should get. Not let them watch TV with heated Underfloors, 3 meals a day and excersise when ever they want. Maybe for henious crimes we should bring Hard Labour back.
Ha Na we are all soft cockes really. Helen wouldnt allow it and she has kids that have been hurt. yeh right

At 30/7/07 3:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

- Pegged to a clothesline and swung around until she flew through the air
- Put in the dryer.
- Thrown in the sandpit and had blocks of wood thrown at her.
- Suffered burns to her head and feet after being put in the fireplace.
- Being left screaming on the roof of her Frank St house.
- Made to run around the house naked and was left outside for more than an hour at a time in freezing temperatures.
- Being used by her abusers to practise wrestling moves on.

"Root causes"? How about "her abusers are sadistic wankers who enjoy the feeling of power they obtain when seeing a small child suffer"? If there are any root causes for what these people did, I'd be very interested to hear them. Sometimes not all atrocities can be explained by root causes. Otherwise we'd be trying to "understand the root causes of" why Hitler knocked off 6 million, or "understand the root causes of "why thugs at Cronulla beat up Middle Eastern people. The plain fact is that some people are just wankers.

At 30/7/07 4:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeh at person that tells it like it is, Just like christine Rankin.Go for it but I bet you get ridiculed for it. Any body that does this to kids or anybody for that matter just doesnt deserve to live, even in Jail. Low lifes, Poof bump em all off but watch the do gooders come out in force. Good onya mate

At 30/7/07 6:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Our culture??? what culture is that, Kid bashing P smoking dope pedling, is that a culture.
Some Maori, believe that...
explain that to me anon how many maori believe that all that crap is part of our fucking culture... "what culture you ask" the same culture that bring tourist here by the thousands, the same culture that promotes this fucking country, the culture that imprinted on the All blacks when they tour other countries with our HAKA...

You cant sit there and tell me we all the fucking, same you prick, Oh thats right I fucking forgot it works like this; if a maori does well hes a kiwi but when they fuck up oh their maaaaris now huh. like fucking ass boy...

Come show me where my culture condones this sort of shit, towards kid/ fucking show me... Deal with the pricks that did the fucking crime, they get no fucking sympathy from me, but my culture has NOTHING to do with their twisted demented shit.

Hated by Most

At 31/7/07 12:55 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

What kind of pin head would believe that the nazis could kill 6 million people in concentration camps on the sole basis that hitler was a wanker.

Of course there were root causes.

I'd like to say facisim walks hand in hand with racisim.

When one ethnic or religous group start to use sterotype smears against other ethnic or religous groups that starts laying the basis for cruel and inhumane treatment towards them.

New Zealand has always had a strong redneck/facist streak and divisive politicians are always happy to play to it.

Politicians are also unlikely to tackle any real root causes because it often involves helping and spending money on those who may not vote for them.

And many programs to break the cycle deprivation and violence can take a generation before we start to see the positive results.

Something politicians and rednecks of the build more prisons ( crime universitys ) type will never wait for.


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