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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cops want kids in prison

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News
Cops want kids in prison
Some of the provisions in a bill making children as young as 12 responsible for their crimes have the support of the Police Association. The association did back the bill's measure for the age of criminal responsibility to be lowered to cover 12 and 13-year-olds because under present law police were powerless to intervene with children at risk of becoming more serious offenders. What a surprise, cops want tasers, the powers to fingerprint anyone randomly, get their mates in the SIS to spy on NZers, create road side quasi searches with drug driving powers and now want kids in prison, is this what they meant when they said ‘get better work stories’, and who are these stories for, George Orwell? The Police and their hunger for new powers knows no end.

Teen alone and still missing
Police and CYF are under fire for the way they have handled the disappearance of a teenager.
Fifteen-year-old Jalani Brown-Pridham has been missing for nine days after running away from a CYF residential course run by actor Jim Moriarty, in Wellington. Jalani's considered to be at risk but police didn't even have a photo of him until until he was missing for more than a week.
Isn’t it funny, the cops are pushing in the first news story to throw kids in prison when they can’t even properly look after the teenagers they currently should be protecting.


At 26/7/07 8:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ARRRRh Hullo you are not makeing sense again. This low life you referred to is in the care of CYF not the police, The law also says about taking foto's of 12 -13 year olds. If we had our way this low life WOULD be behind bars. Not being wrapped in cotton woll and kissed good night every nite by CYF.
Capt Plod

At 26/7/07 8:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow got much of an agenda? You really should do some more research before you spout off, makes you look a wee bit silly when your so far off the mark.

"Frontline police say lowering the age of criminal responsibility will help them to intervene before young offenders become hardened criminals....But they do not support proposals that would send more children to the district courts - and potentially prison - and say the Youth Court should be granted more powers."

Rest of the article here

And now its also the Polices fault that some kid ran away from CYFS and CYFS couldn't be arsed even giving the cops a photo till many days later?

At 26/7/07 9:03 am, Blogger bomber said...

Much of an agenda? I think we've all read Capt Plods posts here, I ask again and agin if he is a cop and iof his opinion represents that of a Police Officer and he always goes oddly quiet, IF he is a cop and his opinions are that of a cop, God protect us - my point is that the only response the cops have to any issue is that they want more powers, yes they disagree with scrapping the youth courts, but throwing in their support only legitimises NZ Firsts position to lower criminal responsibility and that will only end up with more kids in prison.

The agenda? Let's keep an eye on Police Powers and where they are going, you want a Police state anon - have one in your own time, stop making me live under it

At 26/7/07 9:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I certainly don't want a Police state but thats beside the point, I just dislike the completely biased and plain untruthful twist you put on things. Reminds me almost of that Iraqi 'information' minister and his version of reality during the American attack on Iraq.

At 26/7/07 10:21 am, Anonymous Legio X said...

"God protect us -"

Do you believe in God Bomber?

At 26/7/07 12:02 pm, Blogger bomber said...

just a phrase

At 26/7/07 12:04 pm, Blogger bomber said...

(but no one expects the Spanish inquisition lego )

At 26/7/07 12:07 pm, Blogger bomber said...

I certainly don't want a Police state but thats beside the point, I just dislike the completely biased and plain untruthful twist you put on things. Reminds me almost of that Iraqi 'information' minister and his version of reality during the American attack on Iraq.

Hahaha, well seeing as I was pretty m uch against that war and think I've been proved right that what I argued would happen has happened, I'm not sure you'd want to use the Iraqi Minsiter as a comparison, the Police supporting this bill gives it legitimacy, the end point of lowering criminal responsibility to 12 will be prison, the Police saying that isn't their intention doesn't count.

At 26/7/07 3:28 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

I think its getting to the stage here in NZ where each citizen has about 5 "police work storys", and these storys are based around the theme's of abuse of power , fat headedness , sexual exploitation , domestic violence, a law unto themselves etc etc.

From my observations the police have always been more ready to abuse teenagers and their rights than the average citizen and theis has been the norm for decades and generations.

Which is why it is hardly surprising that many teenagers and youth now see the police as "pigts' and the natural enemy.

It has gotten to the sorry state where now a group of teenagers ( especialy with alcohol ) are seen as a threat and potential riot situation by the police.

It did not have to be this way ............... the police with their Rikards and O'connor type cultures created it ( with help from the govt of course) .

The police are also into work creation schemes for themselves.

One of their prioritys is Drugs ( prohibition ), another is organized crime.

Prohibition is steroids for organized crime ............... and we'll always need an extra 1000 cops because of this idiocy.

At 26/7/07 4:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of cause Bomber believes in God, he seems to think that it is him.The only thing Bomber believes in is himself, thats why he set up this site. Lets get real here. He even tries to look like the man himself, bare feet, beard only differance is Bomber's fat and farkin ugly.
God was a real man not a make believe wanna be
Capt Plod

At 26/7/07 5:00 pm, Blogger bomber said...

Wow that is a chip on your shoulder there Capt Plod, it is funny though that you don't want to tell us if you are an actual cop or just someone who wants to pretend to be one, and you do everything to avoid answering that very simple question - can we take it that the very rednecked attitude you have about everything is actually the opinion of a real Police Officer - its fascinating that you never answer that question.

At 26/7/07 6:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

old cok sucker bomber at it again. 1) how is it the police's fault when a little shit who obviously can't be controlled by his dense mother, decided to run away?
2)why the fuck should anyone look for him? let him find out its no way to live on the street and then decide to make a change to his focus of life
3)police state: you are such a sensationalist. your brain processes (or lack of them) are so predictable. you are an outsider. best you head off to tonga or iraq and save all your close friends.

At 26/7/07 8:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the fuck would any of you wankers know whats its like in CYF, Captn Pigs 2 cents worth Not being wrapped in cotton woll and kissed good night every nite by CYF. as if, its statement like that which bring out the illusion that life with the system is such roses; I guess thats the fucking reason why this kid took flight then huh Captn Pig. He was sick of the hugs and kisses..

I wont be like Bomber and ask if your a fucking Pig i will just do what everyone else does and thats "assume" yep assume that you are a dirty pig and speak to you that way...

Seriously Anon if you believe this crock, Rest of the article here
your more naive than I thought, all of a sudden the Pigs are telling us all their heart felt crap about not wanting teens to become harden crims...."Please pull my middle leg it gives you shaving cream" Yet in south Auckland most teens could tell you pigs don't give a shit... so that statement from them is bullshit... pigs agree and support these new laws because it will now allows them to interview, harrass, detain 12yrs olds, under the current law, youths are entitled to have a guidian present and pig powers are very limited.

I am not fucking supprised to find most of the self righteous crew swinging here lots of you miss part of the point over these new laws, if or when brought into force it includes your family, your 12yrs aswel, sneeking out running into a "good pig" like Captn plod yep I am sure he will be honest and nice, he will treat your kids with repect lol.

last but not least, Leggy boy why do you run off and hide from me, I was waiting for you to retort over our debate... you talk the talk no walk the walk... you poor bastard lol... must be hard to swallow huh leggy boy, did this uneducated maaaarrrri dumbfound you lol..

Hated by Most


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