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Monday, June 25, 2007

We aim to save, not steal, says Howard

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News
We aim to save, not steal, says Howard
Prime Minister John Howard says extra police will be in the Northern Territory within 10 days as part of his plan to crack down on child abuse in indigenous communities. Howard said yesterday that the first part of the operation would be to restore law and order in indigenous communities. NSW and Victoria have agreed to send police officers and he expected other state Governments would follow. Federal police would also be sent. Seeing as another white cop just last week got off charges of killing another Aboriginie in police custody, this Police state that Howard is setting up to oversee Aboriginal communities looks doomed to be meet with stiff resistance from the local townships. This will lead to violence, riots and TV images that will infuriate white Australia and will push Howard into a more confrontational position, all justified by the myth that Howard is trying to save Aboriginies from themselves, but then again this is election year and no one ever lost votes in Australia for beating up and cracking down on abos.


At 25/6/07 5:39 pm, Anonymous mike laws said...

I know Howard is probably playing more than one card here, but if one more Aborigine baby is saved from being raped than would have been otherwise, then it is worth it.

Even some leading Aboriginal politicians, doctors and other respected figures are saying this is needed.

The level of paedophilia fueled by pornography and alcohol in Aboriginal communities is disgusting.

It has to stop.

At 26/6/07 6:28 am, Blogger bomber said...

yes but Mike can't those very same thing be said about all children being abused? What about those porn rings that had white Australians in them where children were abused by on-line appointment? No one wants to see children hurt, wed canm all agree on that - but these measures have nothing to do with those issues and evertything to do with the election. Why not clamp down on booze and porn for the entire country?

At 27/6/07 6:17 pm, Anonymous mike laws said...

Ah, because the problem with paedophilia in Aborigine communities far, far exceeds that in mainstream Australian society.

It's a targeted approach to a specific problem.

But paedophilia should be attacked in mainstream culture as well, for sure.


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