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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Sunday Newspaper Brunch Club

On the Sunday Newspaper Brunch Club today (11am Sky Digital 65), Co-host Wallace Chapman from Kiwi FM Breakfast/Radio live DJ and Ben Thomas from the NBR

STORY 1 – More black marks for rookie cops - HOS
We were only bitching about this last week! 19 weeks IS NOT ENOUGH TRAINING TIME to be a cop, a lo and behold here’s a secret report pointing out that some rookie cops are so bad it takes them 3 attempts to pass the entrance test, and 64 charges have been laid against recruits in the last two years. Isn’t it time to accept that something is broken in the Police force?

STORY 2 – “It’s not about Race’ – HOS/SST
Is that an election I can hear coming in Australia? John Howard has declared the state of sexual abuse and degradation in Aboriginal communities is a National emergency and as such justify sweeping new powers against Aborigines. It’s taken John 12 years of being in power to wake up to this supposed ‘new national emergency’ when the truth is that decades of underfunding and white government policies that border on outright racism are to blame, but no one ever lost an election in Australia by racebaiting.

STORY 3 – US seeking way to shut Guantanamo – HOS/SST
375 tortured and rights deprived terror suspects can’t be wrong – Guantanamo has become a symbol of American hypocrisy, how can you claim to be fighting for Freedom and Democracy when you deprive detainees of internationally agreed human rights? And while we are on TWOT (The War Of Terror) how about that NATO bombing in Afghanistan that killed 25 civilians and the 160 000 troops now in Iraq – at what point is it last helicopter out of Saigon?

STORY 4 – ‘Where the white women at’ – SST
Statistics NZ reveals that single white educated women are doubling in size. Is it the man drought? Why are educated women more likely to be single? Are NZ men frightened by intelligent women? Is the time needed to pay off student loans simply too long?

STORY 5 – Millie Holmes – SST
Do we care?


At 24/6/07 8:26 pm, Blogger Dave said...

Statistics NZ reveals that single white educated women are doubling in size. Is it the man drought?.

I`ll tell you, if I was seeing a single white educated women and she doubled in size,[say from size 12 to 24] she`ll have a man drought!

At 25/6/07 5:41 pm, Anonymous les mills nazi lawyer said...

The problem with most NZ women is that they double in size (from the ages of about 16 to 30 to be more specific).

NZ women amongst world's fattest.


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