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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Police State plan gathers speed

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News
Police State plan gathers speed
Federal police and troops have begun moving into the Northern Territory as Prime Minister John Howard's takeover of Aboriginal life starts to take shape. Howard claims child abuse and booze is a national emergency even though he has been Prime Minster for the last 12 years during which Howard has done nothing to make Aboriginal life one inch better, in fact it has been decades of deplorable underfunding in Aboriginal communities which has made conditions as dreadful as they currently are, none of which matters to an Australian Prime Minister desperate to look tough in an election year and as such has declared a Police state to enforce his will. In a week where a white Police Officer was let off from killing an Aborigine in Police custody, this has the awful possibility of going bad very quickly.


At 26/6/07 5:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Australia such a great country bomber, if only there wasn't australians there,

At 27/6/07 6:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a catastrophe, something should have been done years ago but it wasn’t so we have to live in the here and now not what should or could have been.

I think what has brought it to attention again is a TV interview (on SBS I think) given by a woman who was originally a defense lawyer but got so sickened by what was happening she became a prosecutor. It was an amazing interview, well it wasn’t so much an interview as a statement.

One thing that made it compelling was the way she listed what she knew in totally unemotional terms, no opinions just the facts, it was devastating. This was followed up by ABC with more and more testimonies of the realities of life in the Aboriginal centers. If it was in an underdeveloped country there would have been demands for the UN to go in.

I cannot see how racist taunts towards Australians will help. I just hope some real progress can be made to this appalling, shameful situation. I suggest if anyone has any genuine answers or solutions they list them in a way that might help the future to be better than the past. There is a severe shortage of medical, teaching and other professionals so if anyone genuinely cares, has something useful to contribute and wants to help get there now.

Talks cheap and insults are even cheaper why don't those who can (you tell us you are educated Bomber) contribute something useful instead.

I will have a look on the net and see if I can find the TV program I refered to believe me it is compelling and heart breaking.

At 27/6/07 7:47 pm, Anonymous OCKER said...

There not ozzies there abo's mate.fair dinkum!

At 28/6/07 12:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well dare I suggest some good news. From what I have seen the initial approaches seem to have gone well and been well received.

Early days of course and I am sure there will be many problems and set backs but I hope positive outcomes result from this.

Seems to me if there are any happy outcomes a lot of people will be very disappointed, some people just can bear success, they much prefer bad news especially when it fits their own hatreds and prejudices.

I will reserve my judgment until more evidence is in, which I imagine will take some years.


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