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Friday, May 18, 2007

Virtual War

I’m fascinated by this claim from Estonia that Russia is attacking it virtually, with new tensions between America and Russia, could the next cold war between them be a virtual war?

The cyber pirates hitting Estonia
As Estonia appeals to its Nato and EU partners for help against cyber-attacks it links to Russia, the BBC News website's Patrick Jackson investigates who may be responsible.
Estonia, one of the most internet-savvy states in the European Union, has been under sustained attack from hackers since the ethnic Russian riots sparked in late April by its removal of a Soviet war memorial from Tallinn city centre. Websites of the tiny Baltic state's government, political parties, media and business community have had to shut down temporarily after being hit by denial-of-service attacks, which swamp them with external requests. Some sites were defaced to redirect users to images of Soviet soldiers and quotations from Martin Luther King about resisting "evil". And hackers who hit the ruling Reform Party's website at the height of the tension on 29 April left a spurious message that the Estonian prime minister and his government were asking forgiveness of Russians and promising to return the statue to its original site.


At 18/5/07 12:45 pm, Blogger Rich said...

I think if "war" is to be conducted by changing websites to say "U 5uck L8sR" then that's greatly preferable to shooting people or blowing them up.


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