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Monday, May 14, 2007

Surge is failing

I hate to point this out, but Bush’s ‘Surge’ is failing badly. This ‘Surge’, the one Bush decided to do against the advice of all his top military chiefs, was supposed to provide security, one measure of that was the amount of dumped and tortured bodies that turn up in Baghdad each month. Last month 137 tortured bodies were found, this month (after the ‘Surge’) 234 tortured bodies were found.

It’s a lovely war isn’t it dear?

Death squad tally rockets
BAGHDAD - The United States military surge in Iraq, designed to turn around the course of the war, appears to be failing as senior US officers admit they need yet more troops and new figures show a sharp increase in the victims of death squads in Baghdad. In the first 11 days of this month 234 bodies - men murdered by death squads - have been dumped around the capital, a dramatic rise from the 137 found in the same period last month. Improving security in Baghdad and reducing death-squad activity were described as two of the key aims of the US surge of 25,000 additional troops, the final units of whom are due to arrive next month. In a further setback, the US military announced yesterday the loss of an entire patrol south of Baghdad, with five soldiers dead and three others missing, after they were ambushed by insurgents in the town of Mahmoudiya. The new figures emerged as the commander of US forces in northern Iraq, Major General Benjamin Mixon, admitted he did not have enough soldiers to contain the rising violence in Diyala province, which neighbours Baghdad and has become the focus of the heaviest fighting between largely Sunni insurgent groups and the US Army.


At 14/5/07 1:04 pm, Anonymous Chris Prudence said...

Nationalism and fear of "Paki's and Terrorist Muslim's" is alive and well in Scotland where the move for Independence from London/Britain meant that over 100,000 Labour voters pro E.U weren't counted mate!

At 15/5/07 10:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US military surge?

It's the Iraqi Resistance Surge of 2007 mate!

At 22/5/07 6:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Make that another 40,000 who got shafted in the Scottish election by the nationalist's, but then again Mahendra Chaudry and the Indian government want to make Fijians vote with computer's whenever the hell they get around to that in future 2/3 years who knows/cares? (Weekly Telegragh)


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