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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Sunday Newspaper Brunch Club

On the show today, Auckland activist Miriam Pierard and AUT media lecturer Wayne Hope. SNBC 11am Alt Tv sky digital 65

1: TV News ratings are down – Herald on Sunday
The call has gone out to relook at the 6 oclock news time slot with latest ratings showing that the 6pm TV news audience are at a 7 year low. Will that solve it? Isn’t the issue with content? And if news makers are concerned with losing the youth audience, doesn’t that have more to do with the way those news networks have always negatively portrayed young people stereotypes to older viewers?

2: We can’t take more inmates – SST/ Jails feature HOS
Our love of throwing people in prison has led us to the second most imprisoned population for our population size in the world, and now our prisons are saying they can’t take anymore and a police station is looking to be nominated as a prison, while the HOS reports the ‘few bad apples’ in corrections seems to be getting larger and larger with reports that 4 prison staff have been stood down for using Prisoners to do work for them on their private homes. No one ever won votes making life more pleasant for prisoners, are we doomed to build more and more prisons?

3: Sexual health of young people: HOS
Congrats on the HOS for running such a good story on the sexual health of young people, it turned up the issue that we still don’t have a compulsory sex education course in schools as the sex ed component of schools is still the only part of the curriculum a school can choose to ignore. Is it any wonder that we have one of the worst STI rates in the OECD, teenage pregnancy rates AND teenage abortion rates?

4: Bain retrial: SST
Hasn’t the public reaction to Bain been amazing? NZers seem very pleased and happy that he is out – but now a new trial looms – is the justice system now on trial?

5: Greens going Blue? SST
Feeling disappointed by few budget gains, the Greens have started becoming restless with more talk that they could look to cut deals with National – how possible is it for the Greens to go blue? Seeing as they are currently polling as the third largest party, could the Greens become smurfs?

6: Wolfowitz resigns: HOS


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