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Monday, May 28, 2007

Reds not so Pink

You can always judge the tolerance level of a place by the way they treat homosexuals, if it’s ok to be queer in public, its generally a safe place – but if being queer in public earns you a bashing, well then that suggests some underlying tensions, and so it was with yesterdays gay pride march in Moscow where even two visiting western European MPS were attacked by far right homophobes and then arrested by Government homophobes after they complained about being attacked by the far right homophobes.

Oh those Russians.

Arrests at Russian gay protests
Two West European MPs and a Russian gay rights leader have been arrested in Moscow, as violence broke out at a banned protest by gay rights activists.
Anti-homosexual protesters threw kicks, punches and eggs at the gay rights group, chanting "Moscow is not Sodom". The gay rights demonstrators were trying to deliver a petition to the mayor of Moscow, demanding the right to stage public marches. MPs from Germany and Italy were reportedly among those arrested. Veteran British gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell was arrested, along with the leader of GayRussia, Nikolai Alexeyev. Mr Tatchell was punched in the face before being detained. Italian MEP Marco Cappato was kicked by an anti-gay rights protester and then arrested when he demanded police protection.


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