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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Police are as pure as the driven snow

In the light of Dame Beazley’s report that shows Police Officers raping and sexually molesting their way through Society, in the light of Beazley saying she didn’t think the cops could change themselves, in the light of the Police doing everything they could to shut down Beazley’s investigation and then pretending after the report was released to be ashamed of what the report showed and in the light of being told these things all happened in da olden days….comes this story of another cop trying to get his leg over – what is it with these cops and trying to force sex onto women? We need an independent police complaints authority NOW – these issues are ongoing with these bloody cops, they need to know they can’t get away with it anymore because there is a transparent and open complaints process that will catch them out, unlike the current system that has complaints censored and hidden from the public.

If we did ban gang patches, would that include the NZ Police uniform?

Detective in sex complaint demoted
A senior police detective has been demoted after a woman claimed she was harassed by him for sex while spying on a "P" drug-ring for police. Superintendent Mark Lammas, Central District commander, told the Herald last night that an internal investigation had been carried out into allegations against Detective Sergeant Peter Govers. "He was charged with a disciplinary offence of disgraceful conduct and as a result of that he was demoted and transferred to Palmerston North." Mr Govers was head of the Horowhenua CIB and the officer in charge of an undercover operation which asked the woman to spy on drug dealers the same day her partner was jailed. But Mr Govers began sending her text messages requesting sexual images, a police investigation found. Mr Govers was demoted to the rank of senior constable. He cannot work as a detective for two years or seek promotion for a year. Asked whether Mr Govers' punishment was severe enough in light of other high-profile police sex misdemeanour incidents, Mr Lammas said: "Each matter is considered on its merits. There will be matters connected with this that won't be in the public arena.


At 9/5/07 1:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it so glaringly obvious that we need an independent police complaints authority. You write about it quite often on this blog.

Is there a petition going around? If not, should we start one???

It's just getting ridiculous with the number of 'mistakes' the police are making these days. And you're right, they have nobody to answer to.

I was quite defensive about them for a while but recently my views have done an about face...



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