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Thursday, May 24, 2007

NZ not racist and other myths

When the chief executive of TVNZ attempts to claim that he is meeting public television charter requirements when considering Maori content by playing Police Ten-7, you know things have gone from bad to worse in terms of race relations zeitgeist, it’s almost as if we are living in the 1980s again. How quaint, how garden variety racist, how very NZ.

Just saying 'kia ora, bro' doesn't make it Maori TV – Sharples
Simply saying "kia ora bro" on television does not make it Maori programming, Pita Sharples said today. The Maori party co-leader said it was "degrading" and played to stereotypes to include Police Ten-7 and Shortland St in a list of programmes supposed to show TVNZ was meeting its commitments to Maori. Dr Sharples told Radio NZ: "Sure there's Maori in Shortland Street. But you know just saying 'Kia Ora bro' doesn't make it a Maori programme. Game of Two Halves, just because Mike King's in there, I mean is that how the Maori element is in that programme." Television New Zealand chief executive Rick Ellis yesterday told a parliamentary committee that programmes such as Police Ten-7, Shortland Street and Game of Two Halves offered a Maori presence that met charter requirements.


At 25/5/07 2:17 am, Anonymous Burrito said...

On the surface it seems like a pretty stupid thing for (P)Rick Ellis to say.

According to their own charter TVNZ will seek to:

"ensure in its programmes and programme planning the participation of Maori and the presence of a significant Maori voice"


"feature programmes that serve the interests and informational needs of Maori audiences, including programmes promoting the Maori language and programmes addressing Maori history, culture and current issues;"

But what makes a Tv show specifically Maori? The shows Ellis listed do feature Maori characters, presenters or storylines. What should TVNZ show sto fulfil their charter? Would more Maori specific content take viewers away from Maori TV?

Since the restructure in 2003 TVNZ has been hamstrung really, its weird public broadcaster/commerical operator hybrid. And it is crap at both.

At 25/5/07 6:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Their you go bomber, you might be able to apply for that potion of funding if Elis loses it; through his attempt to join the NZ section of mild KKK (of course deny it later)

you could throw up a cool section of cultural tributes... bits of herbs, katchafire..etc etc

Hated By Most

At 25/5/07 1:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Alt TV should change to feature some Maori Content, Like In side Mt Eden The Real Marai, or may Billy & tui's Better hits, (that would be a winner, did they actually have any???
Any way it would be better than the crap they show now. But look at there audience. 25,000.00 out 4.5 mil
Rates great eh bro

At 25/5/07 4:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may disagree that Police 10-7 doesn't meet some arbitrary standard of Maori content for TV but that doesn't mean it is racist for someone else to suggest it does. Either way it is simply a matter of fact relating to the content being considered and interpretation of the rules.

What is racist is the implicit assumption that saying Police 10-7 is Maori content must be racist because it shows Maori criminals. That might be true if the show implied that they are criminals because they are Maori but it doesn't. It simply shows Maori who happen to be criminals along with criminals from all of the other races in NZ. Also conveniently forgotten are Maori who appear on the show as cops, victims, and members of the public.

It is interesting how people have chosen to focus on one particular show when it was clearly given as part of a long list of NZ TV shows. Perhaps a little good faith wouldn't go amiss?

And, of course, this brouhaha wouldn't have happened if we didn't have the stupid situation of MPs trying to tell us what we should be watching on TV. Just another reason why I haven't watched TV1 in months.


At 26/5/07 12:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh fuck off JP you cant spin that bullshit, that comment had a hint of racism to it, as well as ignorance. Pakeha love to try throw the innocent veil of crap to try and hide their true intentions.

I couldn't give a fuck about maori crims because on police 10-7 it seems to be a multi-cultural problem, but to say it fore fills the TVNZ quoter for maori, ignorant and bullshit.

But heres an easy fix let TVNZ play whatever they wish, Strip the Funding from TVNZ and give it to MaoriTV

problem solved, well at least one of them...

Hated By Most

At 26/5/07 11:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you Hated but when you ascribe negative characteristics to an entire race that is racism. Like you just did when you started with that "Pakeha love to..." bollocks. Tumeke indeed! And what about Maori like Shane Jones who thought the comment was innocent?

You may not give a toss about the criminal aspect but it is clear that for some people that is what makes the comment supposedly racist. Take Georgina Te Heuheu in the paper yesterday for example. Or is there some other reason why people like Bomber have chosen to highlight Police 10-7 over the ten or so other shows that got mentioned in the very same sentence?

If you look at the article you would see that it is other shows in Te Reo that are fulfilling the quota but that Ellis was making the reasonable point that any TV portraying a realistic view of NA will naturally have some Maori content. NZ culture and Maori culture are not entirely distinct entities. But maybe 10-7 would fulfill the quota due to lax rules? I haven't looked that closely. The point is that the rules are arbitrary and what falls inside them could well be a matter of interpretation, but certainly not racism.

Finally you might wish to consider the source of the outrage and why it might be beneficial for them to make a big fuss over nothing.


At 26/5/07 8:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First it was the land,now it's water,what's next the air we breathe?

At 27/5/07 12:02 am, Blogger ¤°Z°¤-Luke-¤°Z°¤° said...

Anyone else watch eye to eye? One of the guests which included Mike King, Bill Ralston and John Tamaheri made a crack about that 10-7 joke but i couldn't see who it was because the camera cut off.

JP: seriously you havn't watch TV1 or any tv because your still back in the 20th century. Im amazed you can use a computer.

Racism, theres no place for it but in the outbox and trash.

At 27/5/07 7:31 am, Blogger bomber said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 27/5/07 7:33 am, Blogger bomber said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 27/5/07 7:33 am, Blogger bomber said...

You may not give a toss about the criminal aspect but it is clear that for some people that is what makes the comment supposedly racist. Take Georgina Te Heuheu in the paper yesterday for example. Or is there some other reason why people like Bomber have chosen to highlight Police 10-7 over the ten or so other shows that got mentioned in the very same sentence?

What a load of bullshit JP, where do you get off with this bullshit, I haven’t really commented much on the site, what with running a TV station 7 days a week, I’m a bit busy these days, but the crap you are trying to spread thin here is just the limit JP – Who said Police 10-7 was part of Maori content JP? Who said it? Did I make it up? Did some feminist communist conspiracy make it up JP? No, Ellis said it, the chief fucking executive JP, not me, not hated by most, but Rick Ellis – what his comment shows is the type of mentality that is running TVNZ, it was a moment of honesty, Ellis believes that Maori getting arrested is him living up to the charter, it isn’t that Ellis can recite the obvious programmes that have actual Maori spoken in them you clown, it is the fact he said it by accident! And then you have the fucking audacity to claim I’m somehow racist? Tumeke indeed bro.

At 27/5/07 11:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well JP how many teeth did Bomber leave you with... I want to take a kick at the rest he left behind and of course the other anon that posted this;
Anonymous said... First it was the land, now it's water, what's next the air we breathe?
When we Maori have done something wrong shit we never hear the end of it, in some cases(Rickards) I fucking agree, we to have morals and beliefs that run along the same lines as some Pakeha, But when me as a person is insulted by a ignorant colonial rug rat, why the fuck shouldn't I be a little pissed. Rick Ellis made a fucked up comment, it carried in my opinion, racist intent, I am sure he was aiming for support, like Brash got with that Orewa speech, but sorry Rick the election campaign was over and all the Red necks that came out during that time went back into hiding.
Strip the funding from TVNZ and give to MaoriTV or anyone else that can produce what Rick Ellis fails to fore fill.
NOW Anon.... I realise just to be up there with your mate and pal JP but you comment is somewhat ignorant as well, but let me retort...lol the answer to your comment above is here; ARTICLE 2 TREATY OF WAITANGI Her Majesty the Queen of England confirms and guarantees to the Chiefs and Tribes of New Zealand and to the respective families and individuals thereof the full exclusive and undisturbed possession of their Lands and Estates Forests Fisheries and other properties which they may collectively or individually possess so long as it is their wish and desire to retain the same in their possession;
I realise this may hurt anon, sorry but fucked if I care, I didn't write it, your colonial fore-fathers did so why can't you honor it? My Ancestors were honest and kept their end of the arrangement.

Hated By Most

At 27/5/07 12:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Swearing a lot doesn't make you cool Bomber. It just shows that you can't make a coherent argument. Re-read what JP wrote and don't be such a precious twat.

At 27/5/07 7:35 pm, Blogger ¤°Z°¤-Luke-¤°Z°¤° said...

i smell something burnt

At 28/5/07 12:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon who made the comment about police 10-7? and how does this one program fore fill the charter for the TVNZ funding? Yes theres other programs on the list but it was this comment by Rick Ellis that sparked this whole thing off, not the fact he mentioned other shows.

But the the that mike kings in them or some walks out and says "kia ora" (which is incomplete) doesnt not make it maori...

I am suprised didn't say we will air playschool again because it has a maori doll in it.

Hated By Most

At 28/5/14 12:03 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It bothers me that Police 10-7 is such a popular show. It bothers me that NZ loves seeing Maori portrayed in such a bad light. It bothers me even more that public funds pay for the show.
Police 10-7 is racist and gives racist people all the excuses they need to look down on Maori people. I have been attacked by pakeha who have then claimed they are terrified of me... why? because I am and look maori. That I am peaceful, educated and have no criminal record means nothing. They feel justified in their treatment of me because in their small minds... I am a police 10-7 maori. Apparently to small minded racist pakeha - we all are. NZ needs to get a grip and stop stomping on its indigenous people.


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