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Friday, May 18, 2007


Blair is on his last trip to Washington for his final hurrah, for a man who promised to stand shoulder to shoulder with America, Blair has spent most of his time on his knees kissing Bush’s arsehole. Blair’s despicable sycophantic relationship with Bush has been the greatest disappointment in modern political liberal history, it has bankrupted Blair intellectually and made all the promise with his election a tasteless lie. And after this disgrace, how does Bush describe Tony Blair? Bush describes Tony as “Effective”. Effective? After following Bush into an abortion wrapped in lies and defending that position against all reason, all Tony gets is “Effective”? Fuck me, after all Tony has sacrificed in terms of respect, the only bone Emperor Bush throws his favourite dog is “effective”?

Who knew Tony’s soul was so cheap to buy?

Bush and Blair defend war record
Tony Blair and George W Bush have reaffirmed the decisions they took over war in Iraq and said their countries would stay united against terrorism.
The British prime minister is on a final trip to Washington before stepping down at the end of June. The two men - close allies for six years - praised each other's record. Mr Bush called the British PM "a clear, strategic thinker". Mr Blair said the US president had been "unyielding, unflinching and determined". Mr Blair insisted he would take the same decision again to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with America in the aftermath of the 11 September attacks. He predicted that after he steps down and is succeeded by Gordon Brown, Britain would "remain a staunch and steadfast ally in the fight against terrorism in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and elsewhere". Mr Bush said that when he had met Mr Brown recently he thought he was "a good fellow".


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