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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Corporate Murder

So Mercury Energy has one of their thugs shut the power off to a Pacific Island family which switches off the oxygen machine to a mother with heart and lung disease and she dies. Can anyone of us imagine a more despicable corporate action? Last week it was government owned dirty filthy coal companies paying to put a spy into environmental groups, this week it is State owned Enterprises killing people for a $168 debt. It is difficult to shrug off the feeling that this would not have happened if the family was white – the very day before the Mercury Energy thug switched off the life support system in this home, he was at a retirement village 24 hours earlier showing discretion NOT to switch off the power – so the thug had the discretion to turn it off, he decided not to for an old persons home but yes for the pacific island home.

Welcome to NZ.

Mother said - Just give us a chance
Hooked up to an oxygen machine and seriously ill with heart and lung disease, Auckland woman Folole Muliaga pleaded "for a chance". But her plea fell on deaf ears and a contractor cut off her power after saying he was "just doing his job". About 2 1/2 hours later the 44-year-old mother of three was dead. Mercury Energy has described the death as "an absolute tragedy" and has launched an internal investigation.


At 31/5/07 12:01 pm, Anonymous blardy blar said...

"Internal investigation" my arse! There needs to be an independent inquiry!

(Actually, I understand that Mercury deserves a change to whitewash its conscience, so I say let it. But as soon as its excuses are over, then head on in with the red hot poker of Royal Commission and get them to part those cheeks!)

At 31/5/07 12:44 pm, Blogger unaha-closp said...

Chances are "thug" had been ripped a new one by his boss for not turning off power at old persons home.

At 1/6/07 6:28 am, Blogger bomber said...

heard an interesting rumour that Mercury Energy's PR people are rushing around the blog sites posting up 'hey let's wait till the facts come out' posts attempting to dampen the rightous fury that should be vomited upon Mercury, isn't that sick? Having to be a little pleb at a big PR firm having to post up comments trying to justify corporate murder


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