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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Breakfast news on Alt Tv/Fleet FM

Kia ora Aotearoa, this is your news from the Alt Tv newsdesk for Thursday the 31st of May

Your national headlines at 7.30am
Mother said - Just give us a chance
Hooked up to an oxygen machine and seriously ill with heart and lung disease, Auckland woman Folole Muliaga pleaded "for a chance". But her plea fell on deaf ears and a contractor cut off her power after saying he was "just doing his job". About 2 1/2 hours later the 44-year-old mother of three was dead. Mercury Energy has described the death as "an absolute tragedy" and has launched an internal investigation. ‘Absolute Tragedy’ – no my Mercury Energy corporate killer friend, this pointless and needless death isn’t an absolute treagedy, it is a public relations nightmare from which there is no end, and may Mercury Energy suffer and suffer and suffer. The very same contractor had only 24 hours earlier shown discretion by not shutting the power off to a retirement village, so the contractor had the option of not shutting the power off – oh and what is the price of one dead brown person in NZ?A $160 unpaid electricity bill.

In other national news
Clampdown on dirty dairy farm habits
Dairy farmers who consistently flout pollution standards face being shunned by milk tanker drivers, as Fonterra and regional councils throughout New Zealand join forces to clamp down on dirty farm practices. Fonterra's new "effluent indicator system" will be introduced from the beginning of the 2007/2008 season, which starts tomorrow. Farmers who refuse to comply with rules that prevent pollution of land and waterways may face reduced payouts from the very company they own shares in, Fonterra. But that would take 3 years of flouting these new so called rules, Fonterra is finally doing something to look like they are clamping down on Farmers and the dirty waste they make that pollutes our beautiful country because there are so many bloody diary farmers now and their filthy dirty waste is starting to seep into water ways and pollute drinking water and the public might start noticing cow shit in their taps. With environmentalism now starting to effect the choices more and more NZers make as consumers each day, Fonterra is terrified they might get burnt by a more socially conscious society.

In International news at 7.30
Peace activist gives up fight
WASHINGTON - The war in Iraq has claimed another victim - leaving the United States peace movement without one of its most genuine and inspirational voices. Activist Cindy Sheehan has announced she is standing down from her position as the "face" of the anti-war movement, citing frustration with apathy of the American public over Iraq and the failure of the Democratic Party to do more to bring the troops home. She said she had been routinely abused by conservatives and liberals and accused of being an "attention whore" after becoming involved in the peace movement after her son Casey was killed in Iraq. "I have sacrificed a 29-year marriage and have travelled for extended periods of time away from Casey's brother and sisters and my health has suffered and my hospital bills from last summer (when I almost died) are in collection because I have used all my energy trying to stop this country from slaughtering innocent human beings." The land of the free, home of the brave.

And in other international news
Firm sued over secret CIA flights
A US civil liberties group is suing a subsidiary of Boeing for allegedly helping the CIA fly suspects to secret overseas jails where they were abused. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed the lawsuit against Jeppesen Dataplan on behalf of three men allegedly abducted by the CIA. The Bush administration acknowledges its policy of "extraordinary rendition" but denies any suspect is tortured (bullshit). Jeppesen has said it cannot confirm whether or not the CIA is a customer. International law and most domestic law around the planet considers it illegal to secretly kidnap people, fly them out of a country secretly to a secret CIA run torture prisons in Europe to be secretly tortured, but President Bush points out those factors are all technicalities. Apparently freedom tickles sometimes and democracy requires electric shocks to be applied to testicles.


At 1/6/07 6:30 am, Blogger bomber said...

heard an interesting rumour that Mercury Energy's PR people are rushing around the blog sites posting up 'hey let's wait till the facts come out' posts attempting to dampen the rightous fury that should be vomited upon Mercury, isn't that sick? Having to be a little pleb at a big PR firm having to post up comments trying to justify corporate murder


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