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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Breakfast news on Alt Tv/Fleet FM

Kia ora Aotearoa, this is your news from the Alt Tv newsdesk for Wednesday the 30th of May

Your national headlines at 7.30am
Action on gang patches
A bill proposing to ban the wearing of gang insignia in Wanganui's public places will be lodged with Parliament in about a month. Wanganui District Council unanimously decided at a council meeting to proceed with its Prohibition of Gang Insignia Bill, and right after we have banned gang insignia, let’s ban the colours Red and Blue because some gangs use those colurs, and while we are at it let’s ban Brown people, Young people, Brown Young People and anyone else that scares white middle class European NZers.

In other national news
Burger King to fight decision on bikini ad complaints
Burger King is to appeal against an Advertising Standards Authority decision upholding complaints against two of the fast-food company's TV ads. After a number of complaints, the authority found the advertisements for two different burgers, each featuring three bikini-clad women, breached an advertising code of practice forbidding the use of sex appeal simply to draw attention to a product. Burger King said yesterday it would appeal the decision, which had caused the two "highly popular" advertisements to be withdrawn. Marketing manager Megan Denize said she was disappointed the commercials had had to be withdrawn as they had received approval from the Television Commercial Approvals Bureau before being broadcast. "We believe this is a much better indicator of community reaction than the small number of complaints received by the Advertising Standards Complaints Board," Ms Denize said. The message of the adverts are that no matter how successful, or how wealthy or how intelligent a woman is – to every dribbling meat loving red blooded male women are always ever going to be a slut in a bikini. And this exercise in objectifying women to mere slithers of bikini is all for selling junk food hamburger meat to men whose sexual appetites are manifested in mouthwatering simultaneous hunger as the advert slow-mo’s over a huge steaming Whopper sold by 3 women who look like they have never kept a meal down long enough to digest. Human meat to sell animal meat – it’s post-modern mass media lunacy at it’s most cancerous and delightful.

In International news at 7.30
Bubble feared as China's index soars beyond 4000
China's main stock index has crashed through the 4000 barrier for the first time, fuelled by demand from individual investors despite warnings that a stock market bubble is being created. Shanghai's benchmark CSI 300 index soared 2.2 per cent to close at 4072.58, and the value of shares traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges hit a record US$50.9 billion ($69 billion), exceeding the US$43.9 billion that changed hands on the New York Stock Exchange on May 25. Whenever you bring together greedy, ill-educated people in a massive environment of financial speculation run on crony capitalism, the chances of total stockmarket collapsed is looming every week, and seeing the global melt down that occurred when the Chinese government looked to reign in unregistered stock traders earlier this year that saw a 9% drop in one day, that bubble has the ability to burst and effect global markets. With America owing China, if China suddenly needs money, it will be the American economy that will explode as well, starting of a world wide stock collapse.

And in other international news
Bush toughens sanctions on Sudan
US President George W Bush has announced fresh sanctions against Sudan over the four-year Darfur conflict. Mr Bush said more Sudanese companies and individuals involved in the violence in Darfur would be barred from trading or banking with the US. He also said he would push for a new UN Security Council resolution to put more pressure on President Omar al-Bashir. It has only taken 200 000 dead Africans, tens of thousands of rapes and the fact China is now taking a huge amount of Sudanese oil before Bush has done anything. What a hero.


At 31/5/07 2:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Banning gang patches is pointless.

Who in their right mind eats Burger King 'food' anyway?

2.2% isn't that much of a 'soar', there is still plenty of slack in the Chinese economy. A bust is coming though, probably in time for Christmas.

Bush is damned if does, damned if he doesn't. Not that I like the fool.


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