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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Breakfast news on Alt Tv/Fleet FM

Kiaora Aoeteroa, this is your news from the Alt Tv newsdesk for Tuesday the 29th of May

Your national headlines at 7.30am

Bikini girls banned from TV
Fast-food chain Burger King has withdrawn two television advertisements deemed sexually exploitative through their "cheesy" use of bikini-clad women. The Advertising Standards Complaints Board, in decisions issued yesterday, found both commercials breached an industry code of practice forbidding the use of sex appeal simply to draw attention to a product. Its decisions were in contrast to a board ruling last year that dismissed complaints against a Burger King advert featuring three young women on horses at a beach, and the food chain intends to appeal. Burger King's management was unavailable but its Auckland advertising agency, Y&R, said it hoped to win support from the Advertising Standards Complaints Appeals Board for resumed screenings. In one advertisement the women are depicted as wearing bikinis in professional jobs, and then dropping everything they are doing to ride to the nearest Burger King. Effectively the woman regardless of brains, money or executive positions, were simply bikini sluts to be used to sell meat, and we wonder why young women have a fucked up sense of themselves via the media images they are bombarded with every day.

In other national news
Lockout sparks unholy row
An international conference aimed at countering "religious radicals" opens at Waitangi today - with New Zealand's Christian radicals led by the Destiny Church consigned to the streets. Destiny's Bishop Brian Tamaki will lead what are expected to be hundreds of supporters in a protest outside the Asia-Pacific Interfaith Dialogue, which is being opened this morning by Prime Minister Helen Clark and Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The three-day, Government-sponsored meeting of "moderate" religious leaders from 15 nations is officially aimed at enhancing New Zealand's security by "having real potential to foster tolerance within our religiously diverse region and to counter religious radicalisation". But Bishop Tamaki, who said he applied to join an "observer" group only to be told it did not exist, plans to issue his own alternative "Waitangi Declaration" affirming that New Zealand is still "a Christian nation". And what a Christian nation it is, the self-proclaimed Bishop who hears God everyday, also believes homosexuals should be imprisoned and claims that a woman leading the country is proof that Satan, the prince of darkness is actually running things. How very Christian.

In International news at 7.30
US warns Iran over arming Iraqis
The US has called on Iran to stop arming militants in Iraq at their the first bilateral public talks between the two countries in almost 30 years. US envoy Ryan Crocker said his Iranian counterpart had rejected the charges at the four-hour talks in Baghdad, which focused exclusively on Iraq's security. Both countries agreed that a secure and stable Iraq was in their interests. The irony of America admonishing Iran after themselves illegally invading Iraq on a base of lies seems to have been lost on the Americans. Meanwhile more bodies were found tortured and dumped in Baghdad, those Iraqi’s are loving the Freedom and Democracy America has brought them.

And in other international news
Poland targets 'gay' Teletubbies
A senior Polish official has ordered psychologists to investigate whether the popular BBC TV show Teletubbies promotes a homosexual lifestyle. The spokesperson for children's rights in Poland, Ewa Sowinska, singled out Tinky Winky, the purple character with a triangular aerial on his head. "I noticed he was carrying a woman's handbag," she told a magazine. "At first, I didn't realise he was a boy." Ms Sowinska wants the psychologists to make a recommendation about whether the children's show should be broadcast on public television. Perhaps Poland would like to investigate why Donald Duck never wore pants or why Winnie the Pooh only had male friends.


At 29/5/07 8:48 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ewa Sowinska would have a lot of fun with Captain Pugwash.


At 29/5/07 11:14 am, Blogger Kusham said...

what the big deal about gays anyway, i say its the ones that are still in the closet denying their sexuality that you need to worry about as they are most probably the ones that go out and rape young boys

At 29/5/07 1:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And of course, then there's Noddy and Big Ears, Gilligan and the Skipper ...

This is fiction people. This Telly Tubby is Purple for crying out loud!

Meanwhile we've got half naked women prancing around the screens trying to get our men to eat meat - is that going to make our women a) gay, b) vegetarian, c) bolemic, d) anorexic, e) insecure, f) jealous


At 29/5/07 1:14 pm, Anonymous woppo said...

Does Sowinska have a checklist from Jerry Falwell? Why else would she be getting her rosary beads in a twist about a show that died back in 2001?

'I once visited a Polish tattoo parlor where I saw the word Mom misspelled 43 different ways' - as long as the likes of Sowinska are around those tired old Polack jokes will never go away.

At 29/5/07 7:45 pm, Blogger ¤°Z°¤-Luke-¤°Z°¤° said...

Hey did anyone here watch Brian Tamaki on Agenda on saturday morning? He is SO trying to get his money hungry SCHEME into politics aye.
Someone should remind him the problems that combining religon with state has, and how his one "true" faith isn't the oldest. It's caused more damage to this world than it has in healing.
Seriously i feel that heads of the Christian faith in NZ should speak out to mainstream media about how he is a disgrace and taint on the Christian religon.

Note to Brian: read all three testements of the bible then re think what your doing.

At 30/5/07 2:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All 3 testaments?
As for the heads of Christian faith in NZ - they are a fucking embarrassment, they wish they had the balls to say what Tamaki does.

At 1/6/07 6:58 pm, Blogger ¤°Z°¤-Luke-¤°Z°¤° said...

Yes, theres the first testament which covers the creation of earth etc. Theres the second (New Testament) which is the whole Jesus story/miracles/parables etc and then theres the apocrypha which is a collection of texts that weren't widely accepted by both Jewish and Christian leaders at the time the Bible as we see it today was being compiled. You gotta remember the bible wasn't written in one go in one order, it was written by MANY people over time and it came down to only a few people to put it together.

"As for the heads of Christian faith in NZ - they are a fucking embarrassment, they wish they had the balls to say what Tamaki does."
Um it's not that they don't have the balls, its because what Tamaki does and stands for is against what being a Christian is. He has people pay and worship a false idol (himself) and he pushes the name of god towards making himself rich and powerful.
Oh yeah and doesn't god want us to all discover him in our own way? Not to be dictated to believe in him. Isn't that why Jesus sacrificed himself? To give us free will...

And don't even get me started on the whole brainwashing children to HATE people and to break the commandment (love thy neighbor) by doing so.
I'm not even a Christian but i know what I'm talking about.

Using the name of Jesus/God to lead a sinful life isn't a good thing is it?

At 5/6/07 8:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Apocrypha isn't a testament, and most Christian denominations don't have anything to do with it. You clearly don't know what you are talking about.

Many Christians pay a tithe, not just Destiny Church followers. Where do you think the money comes from to build fancy churches, pay for the pastor, vicar, ministers etc living costs?

Errr....Jesus didn't sacrifice himself to give us free will, humans have had that all along. As you say you aren't a Christian, but that wouldn't matter if you had any idea what you were talking about.

At 5/6/07 12:09 pm, Blogger ¤°Z°¤-Luke-¤°Z°¤° said...

Apocrypha isn't a testament, yes that's true my bad. I meant to say it was the lost parts or whatever.

Oh yes many Christians do but the money is spent on church matters, such as building, community etc. Its not given for the pastor to have a seven figure salary, two mansions and a television series. Taking a big cut is business not religion.

"Errr....Jesus didn't sacrifice himself to give us free will"
Uh yes he did because didn't god send him to tell everybody with his sacrifice that now there is a place for you in heaven, you choose whether or not to accept me...

At 5/6/07 3:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh no he didn't, if you are talking biblically He gave everyone free will right from Adam and Eve. Jesus' sacrifice was to save man kind from their sins, belief in him and genuine repentance leads to heaven - nothing to do with free will, mankind already had that long before Jesus.

All the major Christian denominations are loaded, they have massive asset bases and it ain't all used for buildings and community projects. Most people I know who don't like organised religion site their dislike of how rich heirachy of churches are, Tamiki is guilty of it bu t he isn't the only one - look at how well the pacific island churches in NZ do, and their congregations are some of the poorest in the country.

"...don't even get me started on the whole brainwashing children to HATE people" I stand to be corrected but where has Brian Tamiki said that he hates gays (or anyone else for that matter)?

At 5/6/07 3:30 pm, Blogger bomber said...

"...don't even get me started on the whole brainwashing children to HATE people" I stand to be corrected but where has Brian Tamiki said that he hates gays (or anyone else for that matter)?

Then stand - enough is enough ring any bells? Black shirted men punching their fists in the air ring any bells? Populist homophobia wrapped up in judea-christian guilt ring any bells?

At 5/6/07 4:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right, so when did he say he hated gays?

If taking to the streets with like minded people to to express your strongly held belief (peacefully, I might add) equals hate then Destiny aren't the only hateful ones in this country, you can every rent-a-mob student protest, peace protest, workers solidarity protest etc to the list.

At 5/6/07 4:44 pm, Blogger bomber said...

Oh you are a precious one arn't you, I think it would be a very long stretch to suggest that Brian loved gays, and talking to many of the homosexual community who turned up to counter protest, they felt Brian was hateful - remember that enlightenment thing that happened in our consiousness as a reasoned people when we stopped being queer an arrestable offence? I think Brians desire to make it illegal again is pretty hateful. Look I have a lot of time for God, I love the whole compassion to your fellow man, be loving, turn the other cheek, try not to hurt each other stuff, it's great - I have a lot of time for God, I just can't stand Christians, especially the ones who want to breed intolerance rather than acceptance. A little like how Brian was protesting against religious tolerance last week.

At 7/6/07 8:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You just can't stand Christians? Gee, how overwhelmingly tolerant of you Bomber.
How about the heads of the major Christian churches who attended the Asia Pacific Interfaith Dialogue in Waitangi trying to foster religious tolerance? Those intolerant bastards!

How about that Christian family in South Auckland who so graciously forgave the contractor and company that cut power off to their home causing the death of their mother and then invited them to the funeral as a show of Christian goodwill? Are they part of the massive group of people you can't stand JUST because they are Christians?

Why don't you lead by example and show a little tolerance yourself Bomber, or is tolerance a demand that you make only of people you can't tolerate?


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