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Monday, May 28, 2007

Breakfast news on Alt Tv/Fleet FM

Good Morning aoteroa from the Alt Tv News desk this is your news for Monday 28th May

National headlines at 7.30am

Solid Energy boss unrepentant over use of student for spying duties

The head of a state-owned mining company accused of using a spy to infiltrate a protest group has rejected calls for his resignation, saying his firm will do whatever is necessary to protect itself. Solid Energy chief executive Dr Don ‘Big Brother’ Elder has come out swinging against the "anarchist" Save Happy Valley Coalition, after it was revealed that a student was paid to supply information to a private investigation firm contracted by the company. The spy, Ryan Paterson- Rouse, admitted being paid $100 a week to provide inside information to Auckland's Thompson and Clark Investigations. Mr Paterson-Rouse, 25, told the Herald he provided information about numbers at public meetings only because "I wasn't privy to much else". He thought he was supplying the information to a journalist. He said he believed in what the protesters were doing, and saw the spying as a way to make some easy money. "I'm a poor student, mate." Peace Action Wellington believes it was also infiltrated by a spy working for Thompson and Clark Investigations.

And in other national news
Water bills to soar by 140pc in 10 years
Water bills are set to soar from $717 to $1711 over 10 years for the average Auckland City household to offset rate rises and boost the region's water supply. Councillors and officers have known about the 140 per cent rise for more than a year but done nothing to alert ratepayers of pending financial hardship. What's more, councillors voted last week for even bigger water bills by supporting a proposal for the region's monopoly water supplier, Watercare, to pay councils a dividend. Watercare sells water at "least cost" to six councils, who own it. About one-third of the $1000 increase is to pay for new capital works by Watercare. The rest will go into Auckland City's coffers for spending on stormwater. Money earmarked for stormwater will be spent on other areas, prompting some councillors and critics to label the increases a "rates rise in drag". What of course is actually happening, is a slow hidden movement towards privitising your water without anyone realizing what they are doing.

And your International News at 7.30

Reds not so Pink
A gay rights demonstration in Moscow degenerated into violence for the second year running as right-wing and orthodox extremists attacked gay rights activists and supporters of the unauthorised demonstration. GayRussia leader Nikolai Alexeyev was bundled into a police van and driven away moments after arriving outside the offices of Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, who has called homosexuals "satanic". Mr Alexeyev was attempting to deliver a petition signed by more than 50 MEPs urging Mr Luzhkov to allow such events. British veteran gay rights activist Peter Tatchell was punched in the face by an anti-gay rights protester. After receiving the blow, he leaned on a lamppost and shouted: "Someone protect me, Someone protect me," before being roughly arrested by riot police. The pop group Right Said Fred, in Moscow for a concert, turned up at the protest. Band member Richard Fairbrass was hit on the nose and ran away with blood on his face. Russian pop duo t.A.T.u also appeared briefly to show support. One Italian Eurpoean MP cried out to the Police as he was attacked, “Where are the police? Why aren’t you protecting us”, seconds before the Police arrested him.

In other International News
Israel PM vows more Gaza action
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says a crackdown against Hamas will continue, after an Israeli man was killed by a rocket fired from Gaza. "No-one involved in terror has immunity," Mr Olmert told his Cabinet. Apparently he wasn’t referring to the Israeli Defense Force. The Israeli man died after shrapnel hit him in the neck in the town of Sderot. Hamas militants said they had carried out the rocket attack because the Israelis have been occupying Palestinian land for 40 years now. About 40 people have been killed in Gaza in 12 days of Israeli air strikes designed to stop the rocketing. Hamas fire home made sky rockets that are wildly inaccurate where as the Israelis fire American made laser guided multi launch high explosive missiles.
Mr Olmert hinted that any Israeli action would be open-ended.


At 28/5/07 1:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did that KGB guy smack Right Said Fred in the face on the midday news?

At 28/5/07 5:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where's tim bomber,isn't this his site, did you buy it bomber, did you pay squeaky,says,

At 28/5/07 5:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right Said Fred are gay?!?! Get outa here!

At 28/5/07 8:25 pm, Blogger Apathy said...

Um, you don't have to be gay to protest for gay movements.

At 28/5/07 11:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

re: Watercare and Auckland City Council hijinks.

The Auckland City Council are dreaming if they think it'll fly.

It's really just evidence of political naivety if City Vision and C&R Now think a credible ticket isn't going to organise on the no-water-dividend platform.

Anyway, as an Aucklander I must say the Auckland region has jumped the shark years ago.

For example Alpurt B2 is conceptually ridiculous. All these toll-happy motorists want to save 10 minutes on their trip to Whangarei?

I realise that Alpurt B2 is beside the point of water rates, but seriously... does anyone know what the point of B2 is?

At 29/5/07 11:22 am, Blogger Kusham said...

Im so sick of the IDF and israel for what they are doing to the innocent Palestinian people, what they are doing to them is like what Hitler done to their people back in WW2 but worse. You only have to check out this video for the proof:


hopefully that works! :)

At 2/6/07 12:55 am, Blogger hubbers said...

if you don't want people to shoot at you then you should not shoot at them. if you shoot at someone and they shoot back then you look a little stupid when you throw your arms up and claim you are hard done by.

The Palestinian devotion to violence means that they will never gain the international support they need.

Still at least all the young men who throw their live away and all the others who are killed in the cross fire will get 70 virgins from their imaginary supper being.


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