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Sunday, April 22, 2007

A very predictable Civil War in Somalia

A civil war in Somalia between the Islamic courts and US backed forces – I’m shocked. Let’s see, the Americans can’t tell the difference between ‘Islamo-fascists’ and people who hate the instability Americas last fuck around in their country produced who just happen to be Muslim, so the Americans back a bunch of corrupt warlords against the Islamic Courts, this galvanizes the nation to support the Islamic Courts, this ushers in a period of calm, during which the Americans are arming the Ethiopian army to the teeth, who then invade Somalia and return a splintered government while America launches air attacks on ‘terrorists’ who turn out to be a bunch of farmers. The whole mess results in the break down we are currently seeing, all because America seem to think they have some unalienable right to play God in other peoples countries.

Well done President Bush, another example of using ‘Yee ha’ as a foreign policy.

Scores killed in Somalia clashes
More than 60 people have been killed in a fourth day of heavy fighting between Ethiopian troops and Islamist militia in Somalia's capital of Mogadishu.
Doctors said they had been overrun with casualties and there were reports of bodies strewn across streets. More than 130 people were killed and 200 injured in the first three days of fighting, a local rights group said. Ethiopian forces have been in Mogadishu since December after helping Somalia's transitional government oust Islamists. The UN says more than 320,000 people have fled fighting in the capital since February.


At 22/4/07 7:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Blair I'm gonna kick your ass...

At 23/4/07 4:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the Americans should just stay out of every country except theirs, after all no one stepped in in Rwanda in the 90's and that turned out fine.

At 25/4/07 2:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 4/5/07 3:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

people r stupid. u just gotta get used to it.


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