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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Newspaper Brunch Club

Our show today with Wallace Chapman from Kiwi FM and Union Activist, Erin Polaczuk

Chase ends in fireball
Another chase where a NZer is killed being pursued by Police, Police assure us that they had stopped chasing the 21 year old seconds before he died on the same street they were chasing him on. Police are supposed to stand down if a chase endangers life, but we constantly have chases ending in death with the Police ending that chase moments before.

Truancy fines
Ministry is eyeing up fines for parents of truant students – does fining parents for Truancy work? Why aren’t the kids going to school, 1 in 3 students being bullied? And what about the story in the HOS regarding gay students getting bullied? How about making the school environment safer rather than fining parents?

Harry going to war
How bad is this idea of Harry going to war? Would anything inflame the situation more if he (god forbid) fell into enemy hands? Would England go to war proper if Royal Blood was spilled? But if he doesn’t go, why should his countrymen bleed for him?

Reasons for War queried
Former head of the CIA, George Tenet has published his book on the decision to go to war with Iraq and concludes that there was no real debate whatsoever as to how much of a threat Saddam actually posed. How will history judge America and the world, are there any supporters of the war left?

Howard goes nuclear
John Howard wants to lift all restrictions on uranium mining as a cure all for Global warming, will we go out of the global warming frypan into the nuclear fire? Anyone note how ironic it is for a politician who has spent most of his political life denying global warming even existed now wanting to save us all from it with nuclear energy?

Radio Awards – is radio dead?
Does it say something about the strength of an industry that the radio awards held last night don’t mention a word (other than a short piece in the SST)? Congrats to Marcus Lush – best Talkback host in the country, but is the commercial radio industry dying? Who is listening anymore, and is RNZ even included these days in these awards?

Email leak
After 3 years, still no one has been charged with the leaking of Don Brash’s emails, John Key denies that he knows the name of the leaker, and also denies that he will not name the person because they are a National Party and the leaking was an inside job – something Nicky Harger has always claimed – isn’t the question has the National Party leaned from what was revealed in the Hollow Men and the politics of expediency?


At 29/4/07 5:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Chase ends in fireball
Another chase where a NZer is killed being pursued by Police, Police assure us that they had stopped chasing the 21 year old seconds before he died on the same street they were chasing him on. Police are supposed to stand down if a chase endangers life, but we constantly have chases ending in death with the Police ending that chase moments before."

maybe if the dickhead stopped and pulled over he would have been sweet???
nah nah mate its not his fault, just blame the cops like always

At 29/4/07 8:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truancy Fines

As an employee in the ministry of education and working with specifically at-risk non-engaged and alienated students in the secondary sector for 10 years plus I can say this with confidence and as fact!!

The issue of truancy is not about data, parents, or student attitude! The Ministry of Education are failing to stimulate, motivate and eduacate a growing number of young people! It is easy to get a young person to school!! It is, when the student is there the hard work begins because the school now needs to educate them and this is what is happening. The MOE is heading on the downhill slide and has been because they are unable to learn how to engage and teach this generation. They have come up with the Truancy data to make it seem like they, (MOE) are not responsible!!

Teachers only have 2 options when marking students present or absent in class and these are "Present" or "Truant"! Schools have been directed by the Ministry to mark students not in class with a "T" for truant. Guilty! first

Stop blaming the parents MOE and start taking responsibilty!!

For any parent that is being pressured and hounded by their schools regarding their child/ren not attending or not wanting to attend school or class. ASK THE SCHOOL THESE QUESTIONS!

Why? What is it that is keeping my child/ren from wanting to attend?

Have you,(The school) looked at all avenues as to why my child/ren is not attending or doesn't want to? (could be learning difficulties or hearing or site challenges?
If your child has been punished or is threatend with stand down, or suspension etc...Apply under the Official informations act for all information regarding your child/ren and check to see what POSITIVE steps the school has attempted to ASSESS, DEVELOP and MONITOR an Individual Education Plan to address indetified issues!

The above will also show and prove that schools are prompt at recording negative incidents and fail to record positve. In these records there will be actions taken by the school for any negative incident and my understanding of the act is that once your child/ren has been disciplined....that's it or else it becomes unfair!

Also in the act are clear criteiria that allows stand downs, suspensions or any other action by the school to remove your child.

The other thing is to write to the board of trustees....acknowledge reciept of your letter being tabled. If this fails contact me @ nzyouthadvocate@gmail.com for some REAL advice

There are some more alarming facts that I have experienced and been party to that I will be able to go public on when I leave!! Which seems to be looming! I'm sick of the way our children are being treated!!

Please remember that I am only talking about the Secondary sector. The Primary amd Early childhood sectors are great and children show this. School is fun and teachers enjoy this! I am also a Board of trustee member at a primary school.

Maybe The Secodary sctor need to step back and observe and LEARN from the Early childhood and Primary sectors!!

honestly....Parents will be totally disgusted if they knew waht was really happening in the classroom!

www.ratemytechers.co.nz A true evaluation of teachers from students perspectives.

fight for the right for your child to be educated it is their right!!



At 29/4/07 8:54 pm, Blogger Rich said...

anon: I don't pay the kids wages. I do pay the cops wages.

Would England go to war proper if Royal Blood was spilled?:
To pacify Iraq would, I suspect, take around 400,000 troops. Neither the US or UK has that sort of manpower. For the UK to go it alone to revenge their hypothetical dead prince, they'd need to introduce conscription on a large scale to build this mega-army, not to mention the financial cost. It's more likely that an outbreak of Diana-style wailing and moaning would force the government to withdraw its forces from Iraq.

At 29/4/07 10:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon you thinking with that little head again?

Hated by Most

At 30/4/07 12:05 am, Blogger ridge_rockfield said...

Yes he should have pulled over. That is clear.

But as Bomber says, it's a bit odd how after every police chase, they say 'the chase was called off such-and-such time earlier.'

That's just BS. It's just too convenient that the Police always say that in the case of a fatal outcome to car chase.

Clearly, they were still 'in-chase'.

There's this magic 'several-hundred-meters' that is always referred to.

So they call the chase off and every time there's a fatality there's been this weird coincidence, where (since 100km/h = 28 m/s) up to just 12 to 16 seconds later, the alleged offender crashes.

Hmmm, quite a coincidence there, they just happened to call the chase off and then bang - wipeout.

Seriously, we're looking at 15 seconds and even less on the open road, with higher chase speeds...

At 30/4/07 7:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, the problem is with the police saying they have stopped the chase when they patently haven't?

Sweet, the police should say they kept chasing until the man lost control.

Who cares? One less idiot on the road.
The phrase for these people who die because of stupidity is social culling.

At 30/4/07 3:45 pm, Blogger ridge_rockfield said...

No the problem is that the alleged offender didn't stop. I said that was clear in my first comment.

Of course you have to stop for the police.

My point was that the Police seem to be telling porkies about calling off chases when they turn fatal. Thats all.

I didn't realise it wouldn't pass the litmus test of anonymous caring about it. Sorry, will try harder.

Incidently I don't care about the phraseology of social culling. Even now?

At 1/5/07 11:48 pm, Blogger ¤°Z°¤-Luke-¤°Z°¤° said...

Check out this lefty Republican. He burns bush alot but then takes himself down with his immigration policys.



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