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Thursday, April 19, 2007

No America, this is what mass murder looks like.

I don’t wish to sound harsh, but what America is feeling today over the loss of 32 of their kids is the way Baghdad feels every day of every week of every month of every year since Bush invaded Iraq. Somehow (perhaps it is because they are Muslim or brown) when they bleed it isn’t as devastating as it is when we bleed.

Virginia Tech will mourn and they will grieve and the will move on, however in Baghdad the pain continues day in and day out.

Iraqi PM condemns Baghdad attacks
There are fears that the death toll could rise further. Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki has condemned bombings in Baghdad that killed nearly 200 people - the worst day of violence since a US security operation began. Mr Maliki said those behind Wednesday's attacks were "soldiers of Satan". He also ordered the arrest of the army commander responsible for security in Sadriya district were some 140 people died in a car bombing in a food market.


At 19/4/07 3:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the bombs go off in Baghdad it only gets a couple of lines... when it happens to the west..... news media saturation happens!!

At 19/4/07 11:11 pm, Blogger ¤°Z°¤-Luke-¤°Z°¤° said...

LMFAO did anyone but me catch the QUICK AND SHORT line in the news that "so far this year there has been 19 school shootings"

Funny that when the foreign guy does it...

32 people are killed by a gun, bring in the president.

1000s are left homeless and more than 32 die in hurricane Katrina...


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