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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Guns don’t Kill Americans: Americans kill Americans

Or in this case deeply damaged South Korean students, the madness that is the American love affair with handguns hasn’t even been questioned seriously in the American news commentary – the real will to stop selling handguns just doesn’t exist, no matter how many kids shot others and get guns from a system that just seems to literally hand them weapons like this. Virginia Tech has been criticised for being too liberal by banning handguns on campus, the solution being to let all the students have guns – if this is the serious conclusion Americans find themselves in, that they all have to carry semi-automatic handguns to feel safe, then as a nation America has failed itself.

And continues to fail itself.


At 19/4/07 9:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gun law in the US are awesome ... we need to apply it here we can call it The population control Act.... and like the US we can bang up Gun shops in South Auckland AREA like Otara, Mangere, Papakura... we wont need them in Ponsonby or Meadowbank because I am sure the South Auckland Pepz will bring there own to that area....

"The Population Control Act" its got my vote already

Hated by Most

At 19/4/07 10:26 pm, Anonymous JESUS said...



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