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Monday, April 30, 2007

God, Maoris and smacking the devil out of your child

As the debate over the repeal of a legal loop hole that goes back to that quaint time in NZ history when women and children were the PROPERTY of men (dontcha love how men could rape wives before the law change in the 1970’s because it was ‘inconceivable’ that a man could rape his wife – because they were married and if the man wanted to fuck, then his bitch wife better do as he wants or she gets some biffo now don’t she – ahhh, NZ the enlightened) – sadly the rednecks aren’t gonna let their right to bash their kiddies go the way of other man rights, and the stage is set for a show down. Interesting to see what Tariana Turia had to say on Marae on Tvone over the weekend, that Christianity brought the concept of smacking for discipline to NZ and mixed with the ill effects of colonization has given Maori the worst child abuse statistics, a claim backed up historically by the first missionaries in NZ that Maori didn’t smack their kids, of course regardless of the truth, you can hear the red neck clamor on talkback stations all up and down the country now.

Colonisation, Christianity get blame for smacking
Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia says the arrival of Christianity in New Zealand and colonisation introduced the concept of smacking children to Maori.
"Our people did not hit their tamariki. That only came about through colonisation and through Christianity actually," she said on Marae on Saturday. She said the strongest opponents to Sue Bradford's private member's bill - banning physical force being used against children as a punishment - was from Christians who wanted to reserve the right to "smack their children lovingly". "Well, I've never seen anybody give a child a loving smack."

Survey may force Maori Party shift on Bradford bill
The fate of Sue Bradford's anti-smacking bill appears to rest with the Maori Party caucus which will discuss it tomorrow in the light of a poll showing overwhelming 80 per cent opposition to it by Maori. The party has backed the bill but the resounding Maori opposition may create pressure to back a proposal by National Party leader John Key to allow "minor and inconsequential" smacking. It is believed to have been a consistent topic of concern raised at the consultation hui the four Maori Party MPs have held up and down New Zealand during the three-week recess. If the Maori Party decides to back the Key amendment, it would have the numbers to pass. But Sue Bradford has said she would withdraw it in those circumstances. The bill, which returns to the House on Wednesday, outlaws the use of physical force against children for purposes of correction. It allows it to prevent a child from engaging in harmful, disruptive, illegal or offensive behaviour. Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia indicated at the weekend that the party would continue to support the bill, despite 80 per cent of Maori in the Marae Digipoll survey opposing it. But she could not be contacted last night to discuss the Key proposal.


At 30/4/07 7:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Listen son, I don't want to beat you, but I have to, i don't have a choice, it's the colonised christian in me that makes me do it."

At 30/4/07 10:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colomised christians my Arse, What makes the Maori differant is the fact that they cannt make up there own minds and do something for themselves. They always have to blame the Europeans for there own mistakes. When they learn to stand up and accept there own faults they will be better off.
Signed South Island Maori 1/2 carste, part, scotish irish, north american Native NZ'der

At 30/4/07 11:09 am, Anonymous Knowing Smirk said...

Funny how they used to practice cannibalism, but nooo, smacking kids was out of the question...

At 30/4/07 3:48 pm, Blogger Logan said...

She forgot to mention taiki, which was practiced before the Christians came.

"The ritual of taiki, performed during pregnancy, was done not to induce abortion but to destroy the spiritual and punitive powers of the fetus so that infanticide could later be performed safely."

So much better than smacking your children!

Get real Turia!

At 30/4/07 4:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

practice cannibalism, lol we only ate you white people.... why would we abuse our own?

South Island Maori 1/2 carste, part, scotish irish, north american Native NZ'der.... I am sure your whiter (in skin) than most Maori..... I live in that racist fucking town too... old Invercargill, Bluff, Queentown now I am to believe that maori had all the same choices of Pakeha...I think you need to run off and learn you shit properly, Stay white.

Before opening your mouths and winge about it.... why dont you all dis-prove it.... hmmmm OR is that you KIWI way bitch and moan about the TRUTH, you all seem good at it.

Hated By Most

At 30/4/07 5:15 pm, Blogger unaha-closp said...

the rednecks aren’t gonna let their right to bash their kiddies go the way of other man rights, and the stage is set for a show down.

The stage is set for a show down between those who want to be able to push their children into their room to have a time out and those who want to make this discipline a crime (assault and false imprisonment). Gifting the police draconian powers is a not a good thing.

At 30/7/07 7:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it how Willy Jackson says that the problem of children in Maori homes being beaten more regularly is a "New Zealand problem", but he's happy to keep the foreshroe and seabed for himself.

Sorry mate, but you can't have it both ways

Connected to the land?


At 26/11/08 10:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the majority of the maoris in this country are the fucken racists not the whites!
Blame us for everything, try and survive in your fucken mud houses! you would of ran out of food in another 10years if we did not come along you uneducated dip shit why else were you eating each other?

yea thats right so fuck up and move on NZ for every one not just you racists fucks


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