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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Da Gangs are running scams, lets get Mr Blue to crack down!

Yawn, okay here we go, the media have been quiet on the ’Da Gangs’ for a while, so it’s time to go have a wee poke isn’t it. Here is the latest ‘crises’ – da gangs is running ‘window washing scams’ and in the words of one cop, that money goes back to the gangs, and South Auckland authorities want a crackdown on these ‘washer gangs’.

This whole thing is a fucking farce, the cops and ‘South Auckland authorities’ are painting this out as some type of grand plan for the gangs – let’s just break it down shall we…

Why would the gangs be running ‘washer gangs’? They make millions on P don’t they? Why would they work a whole day for only $100? Isn’t this just the cops having a go and the ‘South Auckland Authorities’ are shitty that these brown kids are making a cut at the Otara markets? And let’s just say that da gangs are working legitimate work and washing windows, are you really saying that you want to turn them away from legitimate work? Are you actually saying that you would prefer they were invisible and making P in the backyard? Isn’t this just racist bullshit dressed up as a ‘concern’ because society is terrified of young brown men? Hey let me make a deal with you cops and ‘South Auckland Authorities’, instead of demonizing young brown men anymore than you do already, how about you clamp down on the well heeled men in late model cars that pick up children for sex off the streets of South Auckland? Have you done anything about that? I asked that question of the Police during a Stake Out episode targeting men trying to pick up 13 year old prostitutes off South Auckland streets, (70% of whom are there because they are being sexually abused by someone at home, the Police answered that they pick up the girls and drop them off at home)….BUT 70% ARE BEING SEXUALLY ABUSED AT HOME I yelled, the cops shrugged. How about South Aucklands ‘authorities’ and the cops try arresting the men buying children for sex in South Auckland rather than da gangs who are running ‘washer gangs’.

Police crackdown on washer gangs
South Aucklanders are being warned about window washing gangs following reports of intimidation and vandalism. One of the youth gangs runs a slick operation at the popular Otara flea market. It seems shoppers going to the market are easy targets for the gangs who confront drivers as they enter or when they park. There have been reports of damage done to cars if people do not pay up. It is highly organised and one gang leader oversees the operation from a nearby fast food outlet, sharing out the money collected amongst his members. The youths say their past has left them with little choice. "Most of us have got a criminal record that stops us from getting a job so we are out doing window washing" said one. Police have launched a crackdown as they are concerned about the level of intimidation and where the money is ending up. They point out that the sums involved, up to $100 per washer per day, are being filtered back to the gangs for their own purposes. The Manukau City Council is about to launch an awareness campaign to urge motorists not to give the gang money. Locals have mixed feelings. Some think the youths should find more gainful employment but others support the gangs. "They are motivated and they are out there trying to make their own money" said one resident. South Auckland authorities remain determined to force the window cleaners and their unwanted business off the streets.


At 24/4/07 8:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do come and join us in South Auckland then tell me how you like it. There low lifes are brought up to use intimidation, they are stupid so stay poor but it is still frightening when you are their target. You fucking love it all go fucking live there hypocrite. These are the cowards who need a pit bill to grow a dick they are allowed to live outside laws because everyone is to scared to challenge them.

At 24/4/07 12:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a crock of shit, sorry all... this is absolute crap,

The Pigs dont know how to deal with this, shit brown boys staying out of trouble and is washing windows, instead of climbing inside someone elses.... Oh no, Fuck it pigs say lets shut that crap doing, then they will have to go back to Crime... and then we can introduce guns as the last resort...

Hated By Most

At 24/4/07 10:13 pm, Anonymous mark said...

Insted of being such a winey cunt and bitching on about how shit you think the cops are, why not actually join the cops yourself, since you're so fucking awesome im sure you could solve all the problems in New Zealand.

Ever thought about that?

At 25/4/07 2:05 pm, Blogger Cactus Kate said...

They do have a unique style. "Buy our services or we will smack you up".

I am sure it won't be long before real estate agents and recruitment agents use similar tactics to ensure their businesses are a success.

At 26/4/07 10:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the Cop's reputation in the rape trials, its no wonder...

At 27/4/07 1:10 am, Anonymous mark said...


At 27/4/07 10:10 am, Blogger bomber said...

mark said...


Oh my God, Dude I’m sorry Mark, I had no idea you were so petty that you actually wanted a response, my bad.

Insted of being such a winey cunt and bitching on about how shit you think the cops are, why not actually join the cops yourself, since you're so fucking awesome im sure you could solve all the problems in New Zealand.

Ever thought about that?

Right, this is a variation of one I used to get, it went something like this, ”Bomber you (place whatever endearing piece of abuse you like in here) what would happen if you were attacked, who would you call, you would have to call the Police, and then you wouldn’t complain would you (finish with some condescending little smiley face symbol)”. My response to this was automatic, “If I was in trouble I would call the fire department, that way I know they will turn up within 10minutes, there will be four of them and the sirens will probably end whatever awful thing is happening. If I called the cops, they could send a taxi, or maybe a pizza van, or whatever else cock up they manage to miss-communicate at police HQ, and do you really want pumped up, tazer touting cops turning up? How many situations do you see where the Police presence actually inflames things because of the Police over the top macho alpha male bullshit. So to recap, if I was in a situation where I was in trouble I would call the fire department because in practical terms that is the best thing to do, sure you cop a fine, but the cost would be worth it right?”.

So that old chestnut of ‘how dare you question those who protect’ has to get a version two upgrade, and that version two upgrade is the “why don’t you stop complaining and join the Police” – an admission perhaps by our friend Mark that all is not well within the Police force? Could my mountains of blogs pointing out the glaring problems within our Police force have moved Mark to the merest hint that all is not well within the status quo? Sadly for me, according to Mark, I must actually join the Police force myself if I am to have an opinion on Police powers within my very own society…..

…,yeah I’d actually suggest Mark that you are in fact wrong. Demanding transparency within our Police force doesn’t make me a, how did you put, ‘whiney cunt’, they are concerns any NZer should have about Police power, we still live in a Democracy don’t we Mark and your claim that I should join the cops if I was really wanting to change things is just ridiculous, the Police Culture has shown itself to be immune to change from the inside, the report published by Beazley states that she doesn’t think the Police can change on their own – the pressure has to be external, and with transparency that culture can’t continue and the Public win their trust back in the Police force.

Oh and finally, this is a blog site, if I can’t write my opinion on a blog site for the love of Christ, where am I allowed to Mark? Would you like a special prison to put all the people whose opinions you don’t agree with hidden away somewhere?

Ever that about any of that, I mean like any of it?


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