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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crazy idea on funding gambling addictions

Government is looking to see if they should give more money to gambling help support groups – hmmmmm, how about we don’t and instead of throwing money at the problem on questionable small scale programmes, we instead stamp down hard on pokie machines AND we reverse the new trend of these bullshit ‘charitable trusts’ to ‘donate’ their ill gotten gains to racing clubs – yes that’s right – crazy isn’t it – these trusts which are set up to give back to the Community (because gambling takes so much out of the poor communities), are now using a loophole to give the money to racing clubs, because it’s a sporting club. That money is supposed to offset the social damage gambling brings to communities, it isn’t supposed to be used TO SUPPORT THE GAMBLING INDUSTRY.

But instead of doing things that would actually help people with gambling addictions by severing the wide spread availability of them and making sure the money supposed to offset the damage gambling does to the community is spent appropriately, we just want to throw more of those precious tax dollars at the problem.

Great, a nation with a gambling problem harnessed by industry interests coupled with a Government who likes to gamble away our money, excellent outcome.

Govt decision near on extra money for problem gambling services
The Government is close to a decision on whether to boost funding for problem gambling services, despite some high-profile difficulties with organisations that treated only tiny numbers of people. The Ministry of Health wants more money to do the job for the next three years than it has had for the past three. Part of the reason is an expectation that the number of people being referred to treatment services is likely to increase as a result of ministry-funded projects. These include screening training projects and a marketing campaign.


At 20/4/07 1:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its their own stupid fault for gambling in the 1st place!

How dumb can you be? do you really think that a MACHINE is gonna let you make a profit from it?
Its like me going up to you with a dice and saying give me $10 for each roll and if u roll a 1 or a 2 ill give you $20, but if you roll a 3,4,5,or 6 you loose your $10

How dumb can you be?

you might wanna look at the clientelle at the local pokie parlour next time

But of course you can always shift the blame from the stupid indivual to someone else, lets say the jews or the americans, or the national party for instance <:-)


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