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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

America and her guns

I love watching Fox News as I’ve often wondered what Nazi propaganda would be like if you had it in a contemporary setting, and I honestly believe, without a shadow of a doubt that Bill O’reilly is one of the best propaganda merchants ever on the planet – his ability to take an issue and manipulate it beyond reason by tapping into the lesser angels in ignorant religious peoples hearts to inflame an intense anger fuelled by false grievance is second to none, for some fun, check out my favourite site ‘sweet jesus i hate bill oreilly.com’ – it is an international site for hope. Fox News always has what I like to call ‘a uniquely perverse Amerikan perspective’ which has to be seen to be believed, yesterday as Americas latest domestic blood bath (a blood bath exacerbated and multiplied many thousand times over by 65 million handguns and the culture of fear that terrifies ordinary people into needing a gun to feel secure) exploded with breaking news breathlessness, Fox News was taking that ‘uniquely perverse Amerikan perspective’ to another level. The murmurings amongst the hosts of agreement as pundit after pundit was rolled out to cover the story all mentioned that this University was too liberal by not allowing students to bring handguns to school themselves, and as such could have defended themselves from this student……..

………I’m sorry – what? The solution is MORE GUNS??????? Oh sweet Jesus, these crazy Americans and their crazy love of guns and when it comes to guns, Virginia is easy, here is what ‘firearm restrictions’ mean in Virginia – you can only buy one gun per month, of course the inane fear and suspicion of each other mixed with all those millions of guns has NOTHING to do with the murder and violence rate, and if you say otherwise, you are an Islamo-Fascist-Communist or an American hating, tree-hugging faggot.

How could anyone want to give all of the students guns? These are teenagers we are talking about here, if everyone was armed to the teeth, half the student body would be dead by lunch time.


At 18/4/07 9:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha. Exactly Bomber. I heard this argument before. It's completey absurd to argue that if everyone had guns, then they could defend themselves in situations like this recent massacre. Okay, let's see how things will go if that was the case. A guy comes in with a gun, starts shooting at people in a classroom, a few people take out their gun and start shooting back. Bullets are flying everywhere, and it just so happens to not go where you're intending them to go. Darn it! In other words, innocent people get caught in the crossfire are shot dead in the process. That tends to happen when there is shooting going on. Go figure.

But apparently, according to the logic of Americans, this would have saved lives! Let's not aim at getting maximum results, but the bare minimum- anything to keep the good ol' gun lobby supplying the millions in the process.

But then they argue that if everyone carried guns, no one would dare try something like this. Um, HELLO! People tend to have psychological problems, which means, they're not usually thinking straight nor would they be intimidated by the fact that others would have their own guns. It would never occur to them, or they just won't give a fuck. So that argument goes out the window.

It never ceases to amaze me how America's expression of 'freedom' is to carry as many guns as possible. Isn't it DISTURBING that people have to carry around guns in the first place? Isn't THAT barbaric? Don't Americans realise that it isn't normal and not how the rest of the world lives? What are they afraid of? It's nothing but a sign of a deep insecurity.


At 19/4/07 12:28 am, Blogger Thomas said...

Give me a gun and somebody would be dead BEFORE lunch. God I get hungry sometimes and that lunch line pisses me off!

At 19/4/07 12:34 am, Anonymous Ruzza said...

Iv got it! let people take firearms on planes... that was we can get rid of all the strict tests and security measures! because as we all know, if everyone is armed, no one will step out of line... I should be working for the bush administradions anti terrorism unit!... maybe if everyone in iraq had bombs.... haha actually no, i shal go no further with this one!

At 19/4/07 9:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know; how about you all just grow up, having the right to have guns, don't mean you have to carry them now does it...
Just for the sake of moaning at the Americans, we make ourselves to be oh so much better than them, to which I think you are all on your own....

Anti flag this statement about Isn't it DISTURBING that people have to carry around guns in the first place? Isn't THAT barbaric? Don't Americans realise that it isn't normal and not how the rest of the world lives?

who said the US wanted to be like you or the rest of the world, there heritage of the rights to bear arm freed them from becoming like New Zealand and part of the Commonwealth...so why would they want to be like that again...

New Zealanders just need to grow up over guns, they are there, guns wont go away, we tend to fear what we don't know, if we don't know about it why comment?
But remember "GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE ..PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE" I have yet to see a gun kill someone by itself..

Hated By Most

At 20/4/07 3:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, but guys... what i want to know is how the government can pass a law against smacking when it has 'men with guns' currently fighting in afghanistan. This seems to be a similar double standard to the idea that more guns will mean less killings.

Clearly the government still adhere's to some principle that force is useful in someway, as long as it's them holding the gun and not parents holding a stick.


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