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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why we need to put pressure on China

It is totally unacceptable for the ‘Government’ of Sudan to block UN envoys from attempting to visit the wretched millions in Darfur to see with his own eyes the intense human suffering that Darfur has now become. The only country with any trade deal with Sudan is China and the call must go out again and again that the only way to put pressure on a country desperate to get the attention a super power wannabe craves is to threaten a boycott of the China Olympics.

UN envoy barred from Darfur camp
The UN's new emergency relief coordinator John Holmes has been turned away from a camp in Darfur for those fleeing the Sudanese conflict.
The UN envoy was refused entry by Sudanese soldiers to Kassab camp in northern Darfur, says the BBC's Karen Allen, who is travelling with him. In the past six months the BBC has reported on mass rapes of women and young girls at the camp.


At 25/3/07 12:24 pm, Anonymous Dan Burke said...

Here are two things everyone can do:

Visit the Fidelity out of Sudan website - http://fidelityoutofsudan.net This divestment campaign is gathering strength. If we can make Fidelity divest it will have real impact.

Visit the Darfur Wall website - http://darfurwall.org/a/dan - and light a number on the wall by donating one dollar. Join with thousands of others to oppose the genocide.

Dan Burke


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