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Saturday, March 31, 2007

What a waste of time and how dare the cops get sanctimonious

So we are busting people for buying a tinny are we? What a waste of time in a legal system already clogged and jammed to bulging, and for the cops to get all sanctimonious about people buying a tiny amount of weed ‘during work hours’ you know what is worse than buying weed during work hours Mr Officer? Try gang fucking a woman with your handcuffs and batons while on duty in uniform with the police radio in the background.

Tinnie-house raiders vow to keep up fight
As police pull into Lappington Rd to raid an Otara tinnie house this week, two young women and a child are reversing out of the driveway. The front-seat passenger has just passed $20 through a window at the back of the house in exchange for a "tinnie" of marijuana. It is the fifth time the recently qualified legal secretary has bought drugs from the house. It should also be her last, but some people don't seem to learn. The young woman is one of more than 40 people who have been caught buying cannabis during the past few weeks in Otara. Many have been professionals and turned up in work vehicles; others have been mothers who have brought their children along for the ride.


At 1/4/07 11:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amsterdam grew up over this in the 70's and New Zealand and is still trying to work it out in 2007.

lol shit da kiwi's are just to much.

At 5/4/07 2:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought of quite a good idea to publicize the weed issue.. i built this bicycle trailer recently and though i could fill it with tinnies of grass on string to be sold for 1$ as necklaces. Riding up and down kroad with a sign tinnies 1$ could be cool. I better not though... one nice police police officer recently let me off my assaulting police charge and I wouldn't want their attitude to change permanently which it probably would if I did that.


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