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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No Miss King – you are wrong!

Annette King would have us believe that everything is going swimmingly at Police HQ, and that it’s a great time for further allegations of serving police acting out gang bang rape scenarios using batons and handcuffs while on duty to come out…..I’m sorry – what did Annette just say there? How can she put any positive spin on this latest eye popper? The woman is slick – but what she needs to be pushing for right now to regain the publics confidence is announce a new independent police complaints authority, someone from Labour point this out to her will you.

Time right to reveal all on police, says King
Police Minister Annette King wants any more allegations about police sexual conduct to come out now so they can be properly dealt with and the force can move on. Ms King said yesterday that far from being frustrated at the continued string of sexual allegations about police, she thought it was the "right time" for things to be brought out. "I'd much prefer that it all comes out, whatever there is there. This is the time for everything to come out, because this has to be dealt with, it has to be addressed, we have to move on from it - the police have to." Continuing allegations would be "crippling". The latest allegations concern serving police officers using batons and handcuffs in group sex while on duty.


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