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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I’m sorry Cop – where is your moral authority

Cops busting people for buying weed – WEED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD – want to tell the buyers bosses because people were ‘buying weed during work time’.

1: Weed shouldn’t be illegal in the first place and chasing after people who are buying it is fucking bullshit!!!!!

2: I’m sorry, Cops want to dob in weed buyers because they were buying weed during work hours? You know what would be worse than buying weed during work hours? Oh I don’t know, how about orgy gang fucking women tied up with handcuffs and batons in Police Uniform, while on duty with the police radio playing in the background.

HEY PIG – You ain’t got no moral authority no more – so step down piggy, step down.

Police want to tell drug users' bosses
Police want to tell employers about the arrests of more than 40 people - including a nurse and a train driver - caught buying drugs from South Auckland tinnie houses. The arrests were made during Operation Beware, in which people from as far as Huntly, Tauranga and New Plymouth were among those buying cannabis at Otara tinnie houses in the past few weeks. Eastern area commander Inspector Jim Searle said they included a train driver, mortgage broker, nurse and tradespeople. Some turned up at tinnie houses during the day in company vehicles. As well as prosecution, police are investigating if there is any way of legally telling employers what employees have been up to during work hours.


At 29/3/07 8:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you expect this same police force not to abuse the powers given to it if the anti-smacking bill passes...........

At 29/3/07 8:46 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Groan – Scotty you and your whacky Christian paranoia. How long have you been reading this site Scott? How many times have I mentioned the words ‘Independent Police Complaints Authority’ Scott? How man times? And how lovely it is for decent white NZ to now feel as nervous as the rest of NZ does about the Police - actually - I very much like you feeling that fear - welcome to the rest of NZ

At 29/3/07 9:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always felt it, and I have always advocated an independent police complains authority, including on this site.

When you give certain people a uniform they become, well, facist.

I have no respect for them, in my dealings with them (pertaining to a restraining order taken out against an ex-contractor who was fired for stealing from us, who now stalks me, wants to smack my head in, chases me in his car etc and had visited my recently departed 88 year old grandma to intimidate her into getting to me), the police have been reluctant to do anything, so I am forced to go around my city always looking over my shoulder, while the boys in blue are engaged in group sex at work. We spent $3000 getting this restraining order, nad I still live in fear.

bomber, I have my own issues with the police....

At 29/3/07 11:43 am, Blogger unaha-closp said...


That independence is not a panacea. No matter how independent the complaints authority is it doesn't matter if the cops act legally. Try taking out a complaint that the police shouldn't follow the law and see how far you get.

Scott has nothing to fear, because just like every other bullshit little law that the police have discretion to dish out they will enforce most in the poor neighbourhoods (like this). Only soon they will be able to take the kids away and not just tell the boss about dope smoking.

At 30/3/07 11:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on the cops for busting the weedheads and the gangsters. Tiem to get rid of the scum from Otara!

At 30/3/07 1:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiem to get rid of the scum who visit Otara to buy drugs!

At 30/3/07 9:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a pity those 'buyers' turned up in work vehicles which might identify for whom they worked. Otherwise, I don't believe you have to give the police any information other than name and address.


At 31/3/07 4:35 am, Blogger Cactus Kate said...

"As well as prosecution, police are investigating if there is any way of legally telling employers what employees have been up to during work hours".

Now that steps over the line from inforcing the law into "no one likes a tell tale". So in ADDITION to prosecuting people for the HUGE offence of buying the horrific substance that is wwwweed, they now want to knark to the employer that their company car was outside a tinnie house or the employee turned up their during work hours.

Two words - fucking pathetic.

Yes Bomber: Bad Cop No Donut for this one.


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