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Friday, March 23, 2007

George Bush was right! Chemical Weapons Found in IRAQ!

Can everyone please just take a delicious moment to savor the irony of Bush lying about chemical weapons (that only existed because his Daddy had sold them to Saddam in the first place) finally becoming a reality because insurgents are now using chemical weapons to end American occupation? What a way to prove that Chemical weapons do exist, invade a country first, and then let them develop chemical weapons to prove you were right. That’s pre-emptive pre-emption.

IRAQ: Insurgents adopt new terror tactics
BBSNews 2007-03-20 - BAGHDAD, (IRIN) -- Anti-US insurgents in Iraq are using new methods of attack four years after US forces invaded Iraq to oust the government of former president Saddam Hussein. Their latest weapon of choice is poisonous chlorine gas, which they use in bomb explosions to cause more casualties and spread panic, say specialists.


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