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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Forcing Green

Awsome to see that green is making an impact at the very mouth vent of consumerisim, let's now start punishing those companies who aren't changing.

Consumers turning green
The number of people willing to put their money where their mouth is on green issues is growing, according to researchers. More than half the population - 50.9 per cent - have bought a product or service from a company because it supports a worthy cause or charity. This figure is up from 42 per cent two years ago, according to data collected by Nielsen Media Research Panorama and analysed by advertising company Nick Jones & Associates. The figures indicate that a hard core of about 8 per cent of consumers are making purchasing decisions based on green or social imperatives each week, says company principal Nick Jones. A further 19 per cent are making similar decisions each month. For those consumers, carbon neutrality is becoming the least of what they expect of the companies from which they buy goods and services, Mr Jones says. "The sort of questions these people are asking is, what are you doing about waste reduction, and so on. And companies that are on the ball these days are going to have to listen to what that 8 per cent market is saying, because they are the trailblazers. Carbon neutrality is great, but it's not enough."


At 28/3/07 9:28 am, Blogger SamClemenz said...

Carbon neutrality is only a buzz word for allowing mainly Corporate polluter's to pay their way out of effectual compliance.

Only when we seriously lean on, or shut-down Industries that create large scale emmissions that pollute our atmosphere and include that in "Carbon Neutrality", will there be any noticeable improvement in our environment.

Paying to plant trees in New Zealand to make up for 200 million cars trucks and busses on American roads, Un-scrubbed Coal fired power generation plants, Indonesian strip & burn forestry, Defoliation of the Amazon region - is a total joke and slap in the face of curing the problem.

At the end of the day this is just a catchy version of Corporate cover-up Capitalism.
Nothing to see here folks! The trees have been planted - go back to your homes the problem is resolved!

Mankind has got to stop the pollution. We have got to collectively work together to solve this problem and do the research and development for alternatives to fossil fuel emmissions full stop!

Maybe if we took the funding away from War's and redirected it into items that would help solve this crisis it could be averted!

Nah, that would be bad for business!


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