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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dude, the chick was lucky (it is the NZ Police after all)

Seeing as we’ve just come out of a police pack-rape-for-kicks trial, news that the NZ Police tasered a woman twice on the wet floor should come as great news for many women in NZ, let’s be honest ladies – we all know what cops are capable of now, getting tasered twice in the back is a lot preferable to ‘the baton’ – you know what I’m talking about Willis.

Unarmed woman Tasered twice in wet bathroom
The use of high-voltage stun guns is again in the spotlight, after an unarmed woman was shot twice with a Taser gun within the space of just a few seconds. The woman broke into a Titirangi home and barricaded herself in a bathroom on Tuesday evening, and although three officers were in attendance, police decided the best way to overpower and subdue her was with a Taser. The first shot hit the woman in the leg, and she fell to the ground, and then police confirm she was Tasered again, seconds after they failed to properly handcuff her. The Taser stun gun fires two barbed metal darts at the victim and delivers a 50,000 volt electric shock.

Although previously police have said victims only risk injury from being Tasered, they now admit there is a one in 870 chance of a fatality.

Hey look, there’s that one in 870 stat again, remember when the cops told everyone that Tasers were never lethal EVEN THOUGH the Police had been told that exact same statistic prior to stating that it wasn’t lethal? Or the fact that the cops kept hidden all the ‘accidents’ Police have had while trialing the Tasers?

Hahaha, and you want me to just accept all of this WITHOUT an independent Police complaints authority? Rednecks are so funny ain’t they?


At 25/3/07 10:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be honest the story isn't ringing alarm bells to me.

A woman breaks into someone’s house, is confronted, barricades herself into a bathroom, the police arrive, she resists arrest, they Tazer her.

Doesn't seem all that unreasonable.
- Jim

At 26/3/07 9:49 am, Anonymous Unconcerned said...

Doesn't sound unreasonable to me...the woman is as mad as a snake (She was a patient of a nurse friend of mine). Having lived next to a guy with paranoid schitzophrenia I know how dangerous thedy can be...Id rather the cops not put themselves in any danger either...

At 26/3/07 1:47 pm, Blogger bomber said...

Doesn't sound unreasonable to me...the woman is as mad as a snake (She was a patient of a nurse friend of mine)

Hmmm, so let me get this straight, tasering mentally handicapped people DOESN'T sound unreasonable to you. DOESN'T sound unreasonable to you.



At 26/3/07 2:40 pm, Anonymous Unconcerned said...

Depends on what they are doing Bomber...they can be somewhat dangerous as you should well know.

At 26/3/07 5:35 pm, Anonymous taser 'em! said...

So what is the best way to subdue an aggressive, insane person? The taser at least means the police officers are not bitten, scratched in the eyes, etc.

Taser ok!

At 26/3/07 7:48 pm, Blogger Msth8d said...

she can buy my vests if shes keen on her next tour... with the police that is;

Tazer proof, ice pick stab proof, shotgun proof (even at 6 feet)
we can test it on anyone if they feel like it won't work (free test)

Sorry no pigs allow only open to the seriously needy....

At 27/3/07 10:53 am, Anonymous Door Guy said...

I could be keen msth8d...working a bit of security and all...do you have a website? Or an email address...

Alternatively, email me at tjco2005@hotmail.com



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