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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dear Australia – cut emissions or die (the choice is of course yours)

Don’t you love the ‘we can’t cut emissions because we might lose some jobs” – Bush has used it time and time and time again as to why he continues to use the rest of the planet as an open sewer (God forbid he ask his rich oil crony mates to cut back on their record profits AND save the planet). Well, America’s little wannabe – Australia – is now using the same bullshit excuse, except of course Australia is actually living through the consequences of global warming right now with the worst drought in recorded history – an unfortunate reality that overwhelms John Howard’s insistence that global warming seems to be a hoax cooked up by tree hugging pinkos.

You choose sucker – make the cuts and lose the jobs or lose the planet.

Cutting emissions may harm Australian economy
CANBERRA - Australia has to accept that cutting greenhouse gas emissions may harm the economy, federal frontbencher Tony Abbott said today. The health and ageing minister said it would be difficult to balance the fight against climate change with protecting jobs. "It's very hard do both and that's what we need to face up to," Mr Abbott told the Nine Network. "Particularly if we are going to do it soon, if we're going to dramatically cut emissions it is going to have an impact on the economy," he said. Prime Minister John Howard has frequently attacked Labor for threatening jobs in the coal and forestry industries with its climate change policies.


At 2/4/07 12:49 pm, Blogger Jon said...

John Howard and his mate Andrew Downer are shitholes, who are despised by every thinking Aussie I've met out here. Unfortunately, there are enough dumb pricks around to vote him in, especially on the East coast. Maybe he should start living in the country out West to get a grip on reality!

At 3/4/07 12:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You just gotta hope there is a change of govt at the next election.


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