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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Damn the Baby Boomer Sales Manager!

How many times do we see dumb baby boomer sales managers who end up running media networks fuck it up time after time after time? Take for example TVNZs sudden desire to put their content on line for download – what the baby boomer sales managers don’t get is that GenXers and Gen Y went on-line to escape the mediocrity and bland crap the mainstream media serve up. For those baby bomber sales managers to now try and get their mediocrity on-line and scratch their heads when they don’t get why it isn’t working shows how out of touch they are with how bad their own product has become, and it will hopefully herald the decline of the Baby boomer and the rise of the GenXer into positions of creative control. Their on-line content has to be UNIQUE not the same old slop they dish up each day and it has to be content that is purposely designed for a small screen rather than a standard TV screen.

Don’t believe me about Baby boomer sales managers fucking it up? Look at this example…

Price of RNZ ads
Radio New Zealand has spent more than $170,000 for one of the world's top advertising agencies to devise a series of TV ads that will be played only 40 times. The Faces campaign, created by Clemenger BBDO, is part of an overall campaign partly canned after the station's host Kim Hill slagged it on air this year. Figures show that $198,237 was budgeted for the campaign; $171,626 was paid in consultancy fees to produce three 30-second and one 45-second commercial; and since January, $64,577 has been spent on advertising spots for the commercials. RNZ said the spending was appropriate because the non-profit state-owned network needed rebranding.


At 25/3/07 10:24 am, Blogger SamClemenz said...

Bomber, isn't this a performance issue rather than an age specific one?
I know of many Gen-Xer's that are creative and have made impacts in marketing and sales in their specific fields of work, and many Boomer's that are still doing an excellent job for their companies.

this article seems in pretty poor taste to me about more of a non-issue.

Your Gen-X ego is hangin out there Bro!

Maybe we could talk about your lack of impact on National Radio's "Panel" program with Charlie Pedderson a few weeks back, or plain vanilla stances to issues on the last one you slept through. Do you get paid for those?

At 27/3/07 1:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are Gen X's and Gen Y's?


At 27/3/07 10:17 pm, Anonymous Grant said...

The "Panel" ..more baby boomer fuck-up most of the time (eh bomber) ..tired little clique of middle class whites banging on about ...well, anything really. Most of the time its a back-slapping session for TVNZ as Jim Mora and his mates/employers get some free national airtime in.. Notice how often the "panel" preface their comments with "I don't know anything about this ...but.." AndSamClemenz: yes, they do get paid ...one hundred bucks a time . Your tax dollars at work


At 28/3/07 6:25 am, Blogger bomber said...

Hey NS - Gen X 30-45, Gen Y 18-29

And Sam, I'll try and lift the game on my own media show on Alt Tv in the re-launch of weekends show line up. It would be rude to have ripped out Charlie on air when it wasn't the subject he was coming on for - I made my feelings of him and what he had to say about the environmental issue very clear to the listeners - but didn't feel it was my place or my show to push it any further. That won't be the case on my own show, no baby boomer sales managers run Alt Tv


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