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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Big Brother

Forget Amerika becoming the new fascist state – how about dirty little Britain. Blair has been edging Britain closer and closer to a Big Brother State and his desire to ‘monitor’ every child has a deeply disturbing ring to it. Watching how Tony lied and lied and lied about the Iraq war and has slavishly taken Amerikan Dick – isn’t it time Tony was stood down?

Blair wants to monitor all children for signs of criminality
LONDON - Tony Blair faced charges of taking a further step towards turning Britain into a "surveillance state" as he set out plans to monitor all children for signs of criminality, to allow police to collect more DNA samples and to expand the use of CCTV cameras. He also announced proposals to restrict the activities of career criminals after they are released from prison and to review the operation of the police service. Critics of the wide-ranging plan said it amounted to a further erosion of civil liberties under the cover of fighting crime. Most controversial was a proposal to "establish universal checks throughout a child's development" to help "identify those at most at risk of offending".


At 29/3/07 12:15 pm, Blogger Ryan Sproull said...

And let's not forget that civil disobedience is an offence.

At 31/3/07 1:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is going to happen with Iran? Any predictions? It seems fairly clear that Iran is a much more horrendous prospect for invasion with infantry. If a war insues it will simply be one of bombing the place to shit...
It's hard to imagine how it might be justified... but it looks as though they're reverting from the "Bring the people Democracy" one to an even more gripping version of "They have weapons of mass destruction" one eg "They could get nukes".
I remember before the second Iraq war the media was all "Iraq not complying with UN weapons inspectors" + "Sanctions" and "No mdicine" and all that...
Now the same thing with Iran; weapons and sanctions.
More than one million refugees gone from Iraq being the 'lucky ones' who could afford to travel to a new country. Sadly for them they're missing out on the new democracy right now!


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