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Monday, March 26, 2007

ANOTHER woman getting the police baton?

So Shipton (that charming Police Officer convicted of pack rape once, but couldn’t be convicted on two other cases because there wasn’t enough evidence, even though our law clearly allows past crime signatures to be heard by a jury - just to bring you up to date), so Shipton has just been busted in a video gang banging and using police batons and handcuffs with other former cops (what is it with this weird sexual bonding thing these cops seem to love so much? Is it that once you are part of the ‘group mindset’ you can’t do anything on your own anylonger? Is this what the Police recruitment people meant when they advertised ‘Get better work stories’ –

“What did you do today honey”
“Why I gangbanged a bitch who was gagging for it, you sweetheart”

- isn’t that group dynamic a bit fucked up?)…so he’s on this video gang banging another woman and using police batons on her (you know what I mean) and in my mind this is evidence that Shipton loved this stuff, and it was his clear sexual signature, and it was this clear sexual signature that was hidden to the Jury’s in the Louise Nicholas and third trial.

On another point entirely – congratulations to the Sunday News – this story was a total scoop that floored Sunday Star Times and Herald on Sunday and shall make me keep an eye out each Sunday to their news paper. If Shipton was the sexual power addict he appears to be there must be MANY other stories floating around in Rotorua, congrats to the Sunday News for not turning their backs on the Shipton story after the other newspapers had decided the story was past its used by date.

Police to launch sex-tape inquiry
Police have promised a thorough investigation into potentially highly damaging new allegations that serving officers used batons and handcuffs in group sex - with a police radio blaring in the background. Deputy Police Commissioner Rob Pope said last night, after Police Minister Annette King called for an urgent report, that an investigation would be conducted as soon as possible. The allegations, by a woman who claims to have had sex with uniformed officers introduced to her by convicted rapist and former detective Brad Shipton, have emerged just days before findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct are due to go public.

Although the woman told Sunday News she considered those encounters consensual at the time, on reflection she thought Shipton and the others had exploited her "like a circus seal".

The Sunday newspaper published images of a lurid, hour-long homemade videotape allegedly featuring Shipton and two other men involved in an orgy with the woman at the centre of the new allegations. The soundtrack of a music television show playing in the background indicates the video was made after September 2001. Although those men were both described as former police officers, the newspaper reported claims by the woman that:

* She had sex with serving officers while they were on duty, in uniform, and within earshot of a police radio.

* The officers used police handcuffs and batons on her during sex.

* She has a photo of a baton being used on her sexually.

* She was the victim of a "controlled rape" sex role-play involving a serving officer.

* She was shackled to the ceiling of a building by Shipton, who bit her before having sex with her.


At 26/3/07 9:45 am, Anonymous Legal Eagle said...

Technically and legally speaking however, whilst there are all sorts of arguments regarding abuse of power etc etc, to all appearances it would appear that the relationship between this woman and Shipton was consensual, "You've got to push the boundaries" she stated re the "controlled rape".

Most people would agree that this kind of behaviour is pretty dodge, but the point is it isn't illegal, and it doesn't prove Shipton to be a rapist...

At 26/3/07 12:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...but Shipton is a convicted rapist ...where there's smoke there's fire.

Apart from yourself, where are the other Shipton supporters, if there are still any.

At 26/3/07 2:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one is supporting Shipton, it is just being pointed out that the sex in the video is consenual.

Oh and "...where there's smoke there's fire..." is not really enough grounds to convict somebody.

At 26/3/07 2:39 pm, Anonymous Legal Eagle said...

I'm definitely no Shipton supporter...simply pointing out what Anon #2 reinforced...behaviour which may offend the morals of some or even a majority of people does and arguably should not a criminal offence make.

Were it not for Homosexual Law Reform and Prostitution Law reforms of more recent times an extension of Anon #1s analogy would see a lot more than police offices charged...

At 26/3/07 3:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

... but morals should matter ...even though prostitution is now legal, should it be ok for Police Officers to engage in such activity?

And as for Shipton's and his colleagues behaviors, once you put them all into context only one kind of picture emerges. Not a pretty one.

At 26/3/07 3:34 pm, Anonymous Legal Eagle said...

My point exactly, morals do matter, but in this case it should be a matter for police to discipline as it most definitely would pertain to terms within a respective officer's contract. And before everyone starts jumping up and down about how the police do not discipline their own, I would question whether any other organisation, public or private would outsource its disciplinary procedures, answer would be none I'm guessing.

For the record, I don't support Police Officers engaging in prostitution either...but again, it should be dealt with under the terms of their contract, not some lynch mob justice system based on the 'morals' of only one sector of society...'moralistic points of view' vary widely do they not?


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