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Sunday, March 18, 2007

American Idiot

Lance Corporal Matty Hull is dead because trigger happy, meth-pill popping American pilots dropped a couple of bombs on him, in turn contravening their own guidelines for dropping bombs on things. But it’s not that the American’s bomb everything that moves, it’s the despicable manner they go to defend that which should be apologized for. The military holds such a holy position in American kulture that everyone has to ‘support the troops’ and any suggestion that you are being critical of the military is akin to publicly joining Al Qaeda and announcing the death of the great multi-headed American Satan.

So America’s psychotic need to shield their boys from any criticism (because of the issues that drags up, like the whole reason why they are in Iraq in the first place) leads to a perception from the rest of the world (whom they accidentally drop bombs on) that America is an arrogant super power who doesn’t care about the rules when they show up American military incompetence.

Not only did the British military lie about the cock pit recordings not existing, but the American’s didn’t court martial their pilots, indeed they gave them commendations and one now trains other American pilots on how to attack and bomb things.

The true issue of course isn’t about Lance Corporal Matty Hull or the sycophantic British military who groveled to the American’s embarrassed for having the bad manners to complain about killing one of their own, the issue isn’t even with the American’s and their denial that they are the problem. The real issue is the fact that none of the 655 000 Iraqi’s already dead will have anywhere as near as much an inquiry as the death one white soldier managed to get.

UK Soldier's death 'criminal'
The killing of Lance Corporal Matty Hull in an American air strike in Iraq was a "criminal, unlawful act" by pilots who opened fire "with disregard for the rules of engagement", a British coroner has ruled. Oxfordshire Assistant Deputy Coroner Andrew Walker also scathingly criticised the US authorities over their lack of co-operation which had caused so much "pain and suffering" to Hull's family. The failure to hand over documents had meant that "the full facts have not yet come to light". Hull, 25, died when his convoy was attacked by two US A-10 "Tankbuster" warplanes, despite the British vehicles showing orange markings to signify allied forces. The coroner said: "The attack on the convoy amounted to an assault. It was unlawful because there was no lawful reason for it, and in that respect, it was criminal.


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