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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why are we helping make people disappear?

News that the NZ SAS have had concerns enough to call a meeting with other special forces in Afghanistan to discuss issues regarding prisoners they capture who then disappear into the American fog leads to questions here like, ‘Why the fuck are we asking our soldiers to snatch people who get swallowed up by the Americans and disappear into a system that we know uses torture to obtain information, ARE WE HELPING AMERICA TORTURE PEOPLE?

Well, are we?

SAS complained at US treatment of prisoners
New Zealand SAS forces deployed in Afghanistan complained about the handling of prisoners they had captured and handed over to the United States, the Herald has been told. The elite soldiers were so concerned they called a meeting of other special forces at Kandahar base. The forces, including Australia, Canada, Norway, Germany and Britain, were involved in what were called "snatch-grabs" - missions to round up terrorist suspects to hand over to the United States for detention and interrogation. But New Zealand soldiers were said to be concerned that some of the detainees handed over by them had not been properly registered. Instead of being identified, photographed and fingerprinted and having their weapons properly registered, they had their heads shaved, no photos or ID taken and their belongings thrown into a single pile. The New Zealanders raised the alarm and wanted to know from other forces whether the proper procedures were being followed by them. The meeting took place in 2002, according to a Danish military source.


At 28/2/07 10:54 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind hearted SAS troopers we have got! But they will still continue to do what the US tells thenm to do - thats what!

At 4/3/07 5:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US probably does torture people a little, at least interrogate very severly. Well... what do you want them to do when dealing with savage muslims? send them to thearpy, and offer them refuge in USA? No just knock some sense into them.


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