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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We don’t have a problem here- sticking it to schools!

Um, I hate to point this out to the head of Waiuku College, but you DO have a problem with violence when you allow kids who have beaten up a student to waltz back into school, angering fellow students so much so that 200 get up and walk out. Bloody good on Slade Butler for having the balls to make a stand, we have a massive truancy problem in NZ schools, driven in part by the fact that 1 in every 3 kids are bullied at school. Teachers seem to turn a blind eye to bullying, especially boys schools, as they seem to think it will ‘toughen up’ their lads in some weird throwback to private school boy fagging. Id schools can’t provide a safe environment for their students, then the students should refuse to go to school until those teachers sort their shit out!

Student leads walkout after assault
On the first day of term Slade Butler was beaten up on his way to school. The 16-year-old was left bloodied, bruised and needing stitches to his head after being kicked and attacked with a bottle. Sounds shocking, but what was surprising, was how Butler's school - Waiuku College - dealt with the violence. After just two days, two of the three boys who were stood down over the attack, were back at school. Butler was not told and when he saw them wandering round the school he stood up in assembly and said he did not feel safe. He walked out of assembly and 200 fellow students walked out with him in support.


At 27/2/07 8:44 am, Blogger Mark said...

Good on him. Bullying of this kind calls for immediate expulsion.

At 27/2/07 9:31 am, Anonymous TJ said...

For the record, the majority of kids i've seen hanging around town on school days look more the sort who would be doing the bullying, rather than the sort who would be easily pushed around...

At 27/2/07 10:14 am, Anonymous jr said...

Good on him for having the guts to do that, and good on the other kids for supporting him in his stand. Would love to know the logic behind the attackers swift return?!


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