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Monday, February 26, 2007

Stealing brown land

So Hauraki Maori shouldn’t worry about the government selling prime coastal real estate, real estate which is being claimed as part of Treaty settlements BECAUSE there is a clause with each sale that points out if a Maori land claim is successful, the Government will buy the land back off the buyer…….let me get this straight, the Government, the very same who legislated confiscation of the foreshore and seabed, will buy this land back and give it to Maori is a claim is successful????? How dumb do we think Maori are to believe that crock of shit? The Government is not going to buy coastal land back once they have sold it, regardless of what the Waitangi land tribunal has to say.

It’s real simple, if this was white land that was being taken and sold off, it would never happen, it’s only happening because it is brown land, and that my friends is just racist.

Coromandel land sale on shaky ground
The proposed sale of a $10 million block of prime Coromandel land is on shaky ground amid claims that state agencies have mishandled the deal. Hauraki Maori have occupied the 1100ha block to stop the Landcorp sale, wanting the land to settle outstanding Treaty claims. Landcorp chairman Jim Sutton said the Crown entity was the "meat in the sandwich" and he did not rule out cancelling the proposed sale. "Let's wait and see. There is obviously a claim on this land that we were not aware of. Had we been aware of it, of course we would have been trying to persuade the Office of Treaty Settlements to purchase it." The former Cabinet minister criticised the office's handling of the issue and urged the Government to reconsider its refusal to purchase the property for a pending Treaty settlement.


At 27/2/07 8:47 am, Blogger Mark said...

Any prospective purchaser will have notice of the Maori claim by reason of a section 27B State Owned Enterprises Act notice registered on the certificate of title. Most purchasers run a mile when they see such a notice, so I doubt anyone is going to buy in a hurry.

At 27/2/07 10:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical of the government to try and offload any land that may be subject to claims, before the claims get settled. Absolutely typical.


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